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  1. smellycat girls.hatred of in on corruption.....just got myself together,so answer better later,but no more fake cd,s or cheap tobacco.Gods opinion of me.....he is trying to stand opinion of God......awesome.:jesus-sign:
  2. Wow, I did not understand all of that, and think I am going

    to think, or not think, or think, about that,

    But Hi!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You are one cool cat in my book Mike!
  4. Oh cool, we can all explore the depths and breadth of Cat


    I hoped You liked My "Don't go away Meow, just go

    away," one????????

    Even though it was a out of Cat-e-gory, Cat-text, or Cat-

    Not, Text!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. no problem m8 i leave to return,just need to help a few more to escape first.
  6. kinda sounds like me, I think im in the same boat but with no children.
    God Bless you Sir Smellycat:cool::groupray:

    Chili out.

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