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  1. I noticed in your thread entitled 'Did adam fall up and chavah fall down' that my comment has been removed.

    I am surmising that this action was taken by the moderators because you were hurt or offended by my comment.

    Please know that this was never my intention and I apologise if I have hurt or offended you Smellycat. This comment was made in jest which was why I put :D at the end and if I thought you would have been offended I would never written this.

    I consider you a very valuable member of this community and I hope we can put this behind and move on from here.:)
  2. Many broken and/or strained relationships or hurts, are sadly caused by misunderstandings. Especially over internet using text, we cannot see the person's demeanor and only see the text which many times can be misunderstood. For example, someone may be saying something in a joking and light hearted way, but the other person may misinterpret it and be upset and offended, but all along, the intent was pure and not hurtful.

    It's important to remember to view the persons motive and intent before what is said, because many times a person has pure intent and motives in what they say, but the other person may misunderstand it as being malicious or hurtful, but all along it was never intended to be that way.

    By the way vision1, I respect your humility to write this post to clear the air and to apologize.
  3. Thanks Tony for your kind words. It appears however that S.C. actually found the comment funny. I am at a loss as to why my post was actually removed, unless of course someone inadvertantly just 'pushed the wrong button':)
  4. I'm not sure my friend. But life experience has taught me to always seek clarity between people and to explain any misunderstandings.
  5. Actually I have not seen smellycat around here for some time.
  6. no idea what your talking about m8.?
  7. :):) Smellycat, don't blame you for being confused, so am I. Let me try to explain. On the chavah thread you started I made a comment which was deleted. I presumed that I had hurt you in some way and you had reported it to the mods, which was why I apologised to you on this thread. Tony answered my comment by quoting me and saying ' LOL'. Yesterday you came on and answered the quote by saying 'LOL no not really' so I gathered from your words that you were in fact not offended and had not reported my comment to the moderaters.

    Hope all this makes sense. Just happy to finally know that you were not offended:)
  8. i don,t report ppl as a rule,mods usually on the button.can,t remember reading your post m8.?np
  9. You won't see the cat, but you will smell the cat's presence :) hehe

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