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Sloth vs. Industry/Fitness

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by dpartlow, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Sloth vs. Industry/Fitness

    The Spirit of Sloth, ‘Belphagor’ if you will,
    Drains us of our motivation until we’re left with nil

    Those truly in his clutches must climb the highest hill
    Just to get off the couch – indeed they sit there still.

    For if you succumb to the crushing weight of Belphagor
    You will end up as a weakling, a liar, and a beggar.

    Weak, incapable, and helpless are not just descriptions of physique.
    But also the faith and intellect of those who do not actively seek.

    And when you are too lazy to do what you know you ought.
    You hide your shame in lies, but eventually you get caught.

    Finally when this conditions progresses beyond what is sustainable
    Have you gone so far that redemption is unattainable?

    Well, though your arms and waists – even your IQ may be wasted
    Salvation is still on offer from God and redemption can still be tasted.

    So turn off the tube – stand up, repent, and simply do.
    Every moment counts and the Holy Spirit will empower you.

    You may be surprised to find a growing energy and vibrancy
    A passion for life and truth will replace your degenerating complacency.
  2. sounds like a satan scribe.if you want to build satans grotto do so,but a wise man knows who,s world this is.
  3. Thanks Dan

    Walking in his Rain

    God bless
  4. What is the message your trying to convey?

    In other words...the point please.
  5. So turn off the tube – stand up, repent, and simply do.
    Every moment counts and the Holy Spirit will empower you...

    It's a 'call to arms' to have an active faith rather than a passive/dormant faith.

    It's a small chapter in a series of pieces I wrote contrasting the blessings of virtues with the curses of iniquity.

    C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters is the inspiration for the series.
  6. Ahhhh.... true.

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