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  1. Slogans

    Note: Some places you might not have heard of. Don't worry, we all learn something new. ;)

    I sure ain't lovin' it.

    Burger King:
    If I can really have it my way why do you never ask?

    Is it still considered Kentucky fried if you are not in Kentucky?

    Taco Bell:
    I think this is the acceptable time to seriously 'think inside the bun'.

    Del Taco:
    You know if you switch 'Del' around, it reads 'Taco Del'. Sound familiar?

    I'm thinking 'Carby's'.

    El Pollo Loco:
    I tasted the fire...cause it was in my mouth!

    Louisiana fast...and greasy.

    Carl's Jr:
    I like my food in one position, thank you.


    Jack in the Box:
    Bilingual in the Box...seriously.

    Do what tastes right. That means I'll be going the other way.

    Eat fresh. Thanks for the advice.

    Pizza Hut:
    I will not gather around that stuff.

    Round Table Pizza:
    You are honestly admitting the badness.

    Lock the door. It's Dominos.

    Quiznos:'s burnt!

    I will not be eating more 'chikin'.

    Krispy Kreme:
    I'm still not dead yet.

    Dairy Queen:
    I still don't taste a difference.

    :) Created by me!

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning. But hey...

    I like Popeyes...their chicken may be a little greasy but the spice makes up for it and those red beans and rice mmm good by ya.
  3. I like Popeyes, too! In fact, they are my favorite. ^^

  4. probably different up here in canada but i like Arbys, Subway, Dominos, Taco Bell and Quiznos... though the only place i can still eat from is Quiznos and i still have to be very carefull with what i eat there lol. oh cant forget about wendys (about the only fast food restaraunt i can still eat at)
  5. Well I had dominos for dinner tonight so what does that tell ya..LOL
  6. I like Arbys, too. I get the meat for my dog every now and then. He loves it. So does my cat...:eek:
    Taco Bell is cool...just they have started coming up with some very interesting things. I like to get a nice, cool Subway sandwich with lots of pepperonchinis on it...yum. I never really ate a sandwich at Quiznos, my mom likes them though.

    LOL! Dominos has actually gotten better over the years if you ask me. Last time I had it on my grad night, it was really good! Delicious!:D:D:D
  7. I tried somthing new tonight. I had pasta premevera in a bread bowl...It was very good! And there have these brownies that are filled with hot fudge...oh man they are to die for..LOL

    I treated myself tonight..after weeks of being really sick and not being able or even wanting to eat very good, today I had a good day and was hungry! So, I treated myself to dinner out:) Only I had it delivered..LOL
  8. Mmmm...maybe I'll try the pasta bowl the next time I want a Dominos pizza. Thanks for the tip! My cousin loves those volcano brownies, so maybe I'll dig into one.

    Ha ha, treat yourself good! I did that today. I had an Oreo cookie was delicious. I just couldn't eat all of it...and it was a small personal one, too. :eek:

  9. Oh yhum. that oreo cookie cake sounds great. I do try to eat healthy most the time, but once in while we need to treat ourselves dont we:)

    I am sure you deserved a treat today sis, hugs:)
  10. Well, being diabetic, I am not suppose to eat that food. But, I I had popeye's tonight with red beans and rice w/ biscuit. Oh, my goodness am I going to pay for this tomorrow LOLOLOLOL
  11. We speak healing to your body in the name of Jesus and that food will not hinder you in any are strong, vibrant and full of life with the blood of Jesus coarsing through your veins! Tomorrow you will feel good an the food you ate tonight will serve to bring health to your body in the name of Jesus and we thank you Lord for your provision of food and for caring for Godbe4me in every way!...Amen
  12. LOLOLOLOL.....Okay, you need to say that prayer again...I just ate a huge hagen daz coffee ice cream with Almonds all over it.

    Oh my goodness was that good!!!!
  13. LOLOLOL...well ya know sis we do have to use wisdom:)
  14. hey look at that I am up to 60 posts now..LOL
  15. Yea, I defintely gave in to the flesh today. Wisdom was telling me the whole time, "You know you're gonna get in trouble don't cha?"
  16. LOL...ya some times that temptation is ust a little to much isnt it:)
  17. Only 40 more....I'm still not tired yet...lololol.
  18. I am normally good with what I am suppose to eat. But today, that temptation said, "you know you want that Popeyes." I said, "Nah, not today, I am going to eat my salad." Temptation said, "Yea, and be hungry in about 2 hours. Just go on and get what you want to eat today. It's not like you make a habit out of it." I said, "k" LOLOLOLOL
  19. ROFLOL..oh sis you are so sweet..and a hoot too:)

  20. Hmm what would Jesus have done...LOL

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