slightly different stories

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  1. slightly different stories

    Can anyone explain to me :oops: why many of the books in the Bible, like Matthew,Mark Luke etc; they each have slightly different versions of Jesus'life ,is there a accepted standard reason for this :? ,I've always thought that because they are all individual people ,that of course when you have many people telling the same story it's never going to be exactly the same account of events,one author sees certain details and thinks they are important , while another sees other aspects of the story important so ends up leaving out or putting in facts that were not recorded in the other Books etc. Can someone explain this to me??

    Holly :mrgreen:
  2. Haven't you noticed that newspapers come up with different reports for the same story. Do you just read one of them n deny the same but a slightly different versions of the other ones. I believe that the life of Jesus Christ is an important event in the Bible and God wants you to know this story from every possible angle and perspertive. None of them is wrong. They all combine to give us a 4-Dimensional story of the same person.

    Thats what I believe.
  3. That's exactly what I believe,so it really irritates me when SOME try to pick apart the Bible, and say that because they do not read the same that they are innacurate or made up, I guess some don't have the common sense to figure that out or they choose to ignore it. Thanks for your input, I've been pretty lazy about reading my Bible,so I'm no where near as knowledgable as some of you 'I'm trying to change that.
  4. jeff has it right. Four different Gospels, four different views.

    Hope this helps.
  5. It does! Thanks so much.


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