Sleeping Problems?

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  1. Sleeping Problems?

    Hi Brothers and Sisters,

    I popped by here to say that I could not sleep recently. I have forced myself to sleep at 10 p.m.; but my eyes could not close properly and have been awake until 7 a.m.;

    Honestly, during the past holiday 1 and half months; I used to sleep in the morning through evening. But two weeks before the semester started; I could manage to sleep before midnight; Since the very first week of semester; it happened again to me as I was thinking how excited to have lecture in my life. And now the second week of lecture.

    I was so desperate, brothers and sisters; felt like I would like to commit suicide could not sleep. I was trying hard to take a bath or shower HOT 1 and half hour before sleep and it does not work, of course in New Zealand I could not get WARM MILK in order to sleep well.

    Once, I went to the gym and very tired and then slept well till 7 am in the morning; but when woke up at 7am in the morning, I went to bed again as feeling tired until 12 pm in the noon.

    I was ultimately crying desperately and do not know what else can I do; It will interfere my studies; sleeping is suck in my opinion... I just wondering how nice if people not sleep... even though it is good for refreshing brain...

  2. Most often not being able to sleep is caused by a mind that continues to focus on it's problems. In a case like that I simply say something like this "Lord I need to rest , I cannot do anything with this tonight anyway so I put it in your hands and I am now going to sleep'. Then I lay my head on the pillow and go to sleep.
    If it is possibly a physical problem you should consult a physician. If it is a deeper emotional problem consult your Pastor for guidance.
    You are in my prayers.
  3. Thanks

    Thank you Boanerges,

    You always there when I have difficulty... Thanks once again!
  4. It is a pleasure to help any way I can my brother.

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