Skinny Soup

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  1. Skinny Soup

    This was on the Dr Oz show so don't blame me if it doesn't work .... I am going to try it too ... Good luck ...

    1 (2 lb., 3 oz.) can of Italian plum tomatoes
    4 cans of water (use tomato can, fill with water)
    4 chicken bouillon cubes
    2 large onions
    1 large green pepper
    1 large red pepper
    1 bag fresh carrots
    1 bunch celery
    1 med. green cabbage
    Sea salt

    Blend tomatoes and 4 cans of water. Add 4 bouillon cubes. Shred or chop all vegetables, except cabbage. Add to broth. Cook 2 hours, then add shredded cabbage and cook 1 more hour, slowly. Add salt and pepper to taste. To make soup more of a "meal" you may add cooked brown rice.
  2. Thanks Dusty,

    I love soups so I will be trying this too.
  3. hmmmm, may have to try this.
    since i'm not much off a cook, how can you cook something slowly?
  4. I've done this before and it works if you eat it everyday for a week. I don't use chicken bullion but I add garlic and cayenne, that adds plenty of flavor. Oh and I add the brown rice too.

  5. Ok thanks don as I did not like all the bullion cubes .... too much salt . I like garlic and cayenne and did you know ( you probably did .... you are so smart ) .... that cayenne is very good and acts as a blood thinner and that way people don't have to take aspirin .... I never took aspirin anyways and avoid meds as much as possible .
  6. Turn the heat down to a simmer, maybe? Or just pop it all in the slow cooker/crock pot. I'm a lazy cook and slow cookers make it easy to be a chef.
  7. I love crock pots ( slowcookers ) You can put the food in them in the morning and come home at night and have a nutricious meal .... Hey Spinning you should try that . There are so many easy recipes and like I said just put in all in and at night you have your meal .... Chili is great in the crock pot.

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