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  1. Site review

    See my signature for links. The third link is to the link building program. All are real new. They haven't been reviewed before so I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

  2. Sandra,

    I'm going to be completely honest with you. I hope you don't mind. The church website is excellent, at least according to the philosophy I use. Communication is placed over apperance, but the overall look is nice.

    The other links I find too gimmicky. The appearance is distracting from the message. The font is too small for me. The links on the left overlap and are not legible. But that is just my own opinion.

    I see in the church site you use 12 pt. for font size. Is that your normal preference? I like 1 em. But I am not a web designer and never took a course or lesson in it. I did my own site, and though it may deviate from professional design styles a bit, I have my reasons for that according to communication objectives.

    M Paul

    I just took a look at the church site again, and there is something written in the center of the page in a font too small to read without straining. It starts, "Welcome friend, we invite..."

    Ok, now I looked some more. The text around the pastor's photo needs some margin, and some of the pages need text margin with the link menu.
  3. aha

    I was very perplexed over your issues with size until I looked at your site. You must be viewing it in Firefox. Firefox shows everything small. I didn't understand this until recently and will need to redo the website soon anyway since I have learned a bunch of stuff since creating the site. Anyway, I see now that I need to put a message on the site that says best viewed with IE and Netscape until I can redo it.

    I appreciate your review immensely.

    Thank you
  4. Yes, FF on a 19" monitor.

    M Paul
  5. Sandra, to me your web designs are unique and I like that about the sites. I dont know about the fonts because they seem ok to me. Good work. :)
  6. I have redone the website (Link below for Marvin Chapel FWB)

    MPaul or anyone like to review it now. It looks like it does better in Firefox now.

  7. Overall I think the site is excellent. I like it.

    The Phil. 4:13 quote is tight. You might increase the letter spacing, but I seldom resort to that myself.

    You need some margin between text and link menu at about, senior, youth, links, photo, awards, sal plan. I see you did put in margin on the meet the pastor link and that looks nice, and I think you should carry it over to the other pages.

    M Paul

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