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  1. Site guidance needed

    Where do I find information re site navigation, at what stage one can post more generally, where the various sub forums are listed, how to click onto my recent posts, how to see listings of other members posts, etc., etc.
  2. Woah, those are a lot of questions there! :)

    Where do you find information? There are links on top that can make it much easier to navigate. Click on "new posts" to see if there are new posts since you logged in. I use that frequently and it helps a lot :)
    Some threads are private (Moderator forums, Helper forums, etc.)
    You need to get a certain amount of posts to become a "full member." As of right now, you are a partial member because you only have 3 posts. Once you're a full member, you can do much more!

    I use a setting that works well for me. Maybe you will like that as well. It's when you are automatically subscribed to every thread that you post. So that way, you can know if someone has responded :)
    1) Go to Quick Links on top of the link. Then go to Subscribed Threads.
    2) Once you're there, on the left, you need to scroll down until you see the link Forum Settings. Click on that.
    3) Once you're in Forum Settings, you'll see Messaging & Notifications. Go to the Default Thread Subscription Mode and in the drop-down menu, click on Instantly, email notification.
    4) Then scroll down to the very bottom and click Save Changes. Make sure to do that!

    I'm sure there's a faster way then that, but I do that way :)

    So now every time you log in, you can go to the link on top and click Quick Links, and then go to Subscribed threads. And then there will be the threads that you have responded in :) And if they are bold, it means that someone has responded to a thread that you posted in!

    Hope this helps :)
  3. wayofthespirit

    At the very top right it says SETTINGS
    When you go there you should see all your subscriptions

    If you see a person's name at the bottom of the site on in a thread you can click on your name or their name and it will say profile and POSTS to see their posts.

    At the top click community and it has a list of the memebers
  4. Thanks for the general info.
    As of right now I only have 4 posts because this is the only board I've been able to open up.

    I supposes I could become a full member by posting a new testimony twice a day into this board for a month or more.......still no one has has told me how many posts have to be made before one loses the partial member tag.
    Doubtless it will all unfold in the end, but so far its like trying to learn IT skills from a book written by someone who only has IT words for a vocabulary.
    I guess the compilers of the site think it's all as clear as crystal.....well it would them.
  5. I know it can be confusing.
    But you can find all the answers in the FAQ (the link is on top of the screen). I need to get ready for my classes for the day, so I have to get off. But I think (I may be wrong), that you may need 5 posts? But not sure.

    Hopefully someone sees this and can answer your question.
  6. After you have five or more posts, most forum settings, including Private Messages (PMs) and full membership-only sections will become available. It used to be 15 but it was reduced to five, I believe.
  7. There are several (easy) ways to navigate the site. The upper blue bar on the page has several lists for easier site navigation, include 'New Posts', 'Private Messages', 'Community' (Drop Down Menu), etc. Another way I do it is if you can also learn the URL names of each page, you can go directly to certain sections of the forum much faster.

    Please see post #6 [above]

    Not all forums have sub-forums. To check, go to the Index, look at the forum names. Usually, underneath the section name (example: Prayer Requests), there will be smaller links with an infinity-sign next to them. You can also click on the main section's name, and then at the top of the forum you will see several sub-forums.

    There are several ways to find your most recent posts.

    You can automatically subscribe to threads. Once you subscribe to any thread you post in, you can go to Settings ----> My Subscriptions ----> List Subscriptions. You can also manually subscribe to any thread you choose.

    Going to 'New Posts', located below the Site Header in the little blue bar will list all new posts. However, once you remain on the forum for several hours, threads/posts are taken off of the list as new. I think if they are more than 2 hours hold they are no longer considered 'new'.

    To find all your posts, either go to your profile and click on 'Find All Posts by [Insert name here]' or if you are in a thread, click on your username and select View Forum Posts.

    how to see listings of other members posts, etc., etc.
  8. Many thanks and God Bless to everyone.
    I've had a computor crash but I should now be able to pick up again shortly

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