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  1. Hello all.

    Sissy is my name. Well, not my real given name, but it is what I was called ever since I was a baby.
    I am so used to being called Sissy, that when someone says my real given name I don't even turn around!

    I'm an old widowed housewife.
    All my children are grown, and I have grandchildren to enjoy.

    Born and raised in TEXAS, and have lived here all my life.
    Lived on a small farm/ranch with my parents, and also when I got married.
    My husband, Walter, was my school sweetheart. He passed away a few years ago.

    One of the things that thrills my soul is to have conversations with others that like to discuss the bible.
    After all, it is a message from the Creator of the entire universe. That makes it worth knowing and knowing very well.

    Looks like I kinda messed up on the size of my avatar. I'll work on reducing the size so the whole thing shows up.
    The story of my avatar makes me happy each time I look at it.
    I was on a site called Prophesy News Watch years ago. When I was a newbie there, I made a signature line that said "You bet your boots I'm clinging to my bible and gun".
    It was in response to a negative comment President Obama had made about small town folks. Basically saying that they rejected change and progress because they were still clinging to their bibles and guns.

    Anyway, there was a nice lady on the site that had a photoshop program and made custom avatars.
    So, she created my avatar and sent it to me.
    She didn't know me from Adam, because I was a newbie. But she graciously took the time to do something sweet for a stranger.
    After all the negativity in the world that we encounter, it was so refreshing to be reminded that there was still people in the world who would go out of their way for a stranger. Hallelujah!
    So every time I saw my avatar, it made me smile in being reminded of that.

    God bless our studies together.
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  2. Hi OP, welcome to CFS!
  3. Howdy do! Thanks for the welcome.
    Hope you have a blessed day.
  4. Welcome!!! That's a great story about your avitar!! :) So sorry to hear about your husband :( God does indeed use us to bless others - at least that's my hope :) *HUGS*
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  5. Welcome!! Hope you have a great time with the nice guys here (of which I am the nicest) :cool:
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  6. Thanks for the welcome.
    (((HUGS))) back at ya!
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  7. Thank you.

    So nice to meet the nicest of the nice!
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  8. Welcome to CFS.
  9. Thank you so much for the welcome.
    It's a pleasure to be here.
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