Single...? You're Not Alone.

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Do you have a singles ministry that meets your needs?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Did you know that 103.5 million people are single in the United States? It is the fastest growing demographic in America, yet is the least ministered demographic in the church. Why is this? Why do churches have programming geared toward kids, teens, young adults and married adults, but most churches don't have any programming toward SINGLE adults? I'm from the Atlanta area (an area loaded with mega-churches) yet most of these churches don't have any singles programming...

    The facts are: if you're single, you long for contact with others. You desire fellowship. If you can't get the healthy and holy fellowship you need at church, then most will compromise what they believe in order to get their needs met.

    Wouldn't it be great if there was a singles ministry unaffiliated with any church that had healthy and holy events year round? Singles need events that aren't too churchy, but are still Christ-centered. There actually is one... Echo Ministries is the best singles ministry in America. Whether you're young or old, it's a place you can belong. You can find them at
  2. Technically if one has a relationship with God they are not single :) I think the main reason a lot of relationships fail, is because they get in the relationships for the wrong reasons. People need to focus on their relationship with God first who is flawless, but instead they seek a relationship with another person who is filled with flaws, hoping that person will fill some emptiness that that have inside of themselves.

    A lot of the big churches in my area feels like a meat market. Men and women come to church looking like they're ready for the club. Most of these peoples main reason for coming is not for God, but is for finding a relationship. Which I understand everybody wants to be in a relationship, but seek God first. They need to stop worrying about being single or getting married, their focus should be on God first.
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  3. Sometime the church makes me feel it is wrong to be sinful but I do not think God's plan is for me to be married. I would just like the church to act as if being single is good.
  4. Maybe you're just a really good looking dude and that's why they're so excited to see you get married.
  5. I totally agree with you... Everything you said is part of the reason singles ministry doesn't work. When the main goal for you to attend a singles ministry is for you to meet someone, you're missing the mark entirely. That's why a singles ministry has to be FIRST and FOREMOST about Jesus Christ. The second thing should NOT be meeting a spouse, but meeting friends. Lasting relationships come from a solid friendship. That's why I genuinely believe that Echo Ministries is the best singles ministry around. The focus is always on our Lord and Savior, not on finding a match. It's not about "hooking-up" it's about JESUS! I loved your response and pray singles realize this sooner rather than later.
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  6. Remember, Paul was actually called to a life of singleness.... When you're single, you're in a unique position to be used by God. If your church is making you feel like being single is a sin, point them to the Bible. That's not an accurate representation of Jesus Christ. After-all, he was single.
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  7. Your avatar looks familiar, where are you from?
  8. Im not single... God's my boyfriend
    : D. Lol

    But honestly I don't care for a bf right now and God are just fine.
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  9. Good to hear you have your priorities right pancakes! :)
  10. From Atlanta, GA.
  11. What are you saying? Singles can't fellowship at church? Singles want something more and its not a partner?

    I can't reconcile the need for echo ministries.

    Singles clubs are for dating. There is no other need for a singles club. We have Christ in common for fellowship, not being single.
  12. well, I think in the ideal world, having Christ in common should be enough.

    but I don't think that is the case at all, at lease not in the real world.

    I personally think that for a single of a certain age, it is not hard to find fellowship at church, because most people who are similar age are single too

    but as a Christian gets older, if you are still single for one reason or another, it definitely gets more difficult to find fellowship at church, all the married couples tend to stick together, especially those married couples who have young kids.
  13. Depends on how we define fellowship as!
  14. I made a vow to myself I am not going to allow myself get into any senseless argument on the forum, so there.
  15. Depends on how we define senseless argument as!


    Just kidding! I was not really trying to start an argument.. May be if I had explained my point of view, it would have made sense.. When we talk about fellowship from Church perspective, it is primarily for edification of believer.. Many take it to mean like fellowship on earthly terms only.. It is certainly part of it.. Like helping each other out, hanging out with each others, etc. But the primary objective is bringing glory to God and being drawn closer to God.. In which case, it really should not matter whether a person is single or not..
  16. Opps....

    internet forums, including Christian forums, can be so toxic, sometimes it is not always easy to tell a person's intention.

    I do agree with you

    but the bottom line is no man is an island, that includes our walks with God

    we all need to have a group of close Christian friends around us in order to do it, and I think it is not always easy for singles at church to build such relationships.

    everything is always geared towards married couples and families.....
  17. King J, I'm sorry if you've been exposed to single clubs that are geared more for dating. That's exactly what WILL NOT work in singles ministry. Singles can and should fellowship at church -- but my question is: what about the other five or six days throughout the week? My heart hurts for the singles that hang out with their church friends at church, but on Friday and Saturdays, are drawn back to the world because of their lack of Christian friends (that aren't married). Christ is a commonality between all of us, PRAISE GOD! :)

    If you don't see a need for singles ministry, you should check out some of our testimonials because a lot of people DO. Here's just a tid-bit of what someone said about Echo Ministries.

    "My very first event was a 3-day camping/hiking trip to the Great Smokey Mountains. I met an amazing leader on this trip, Greg Ford, who has a real heart for singles and a love for the Lord. There were so many people there and Greg made you feel like you were part of the group right away. It is hard to describe what Echo has meant to me this past year. My life changed in so many exciting ways: I met other Christian singles with hearts for Jesus, there were service events to get involved with (something I loved), fun events to go to like Pizza & Prayers, movie nights, Star gazing and so much more. I met wonderful girls who became my girlfriends. Echo Ministries is a place to grow your faith, experience great outdoor events like camping/hiking in a safe Christian environment, share your resources and time with some great people in local service events like the Atlanta Dream Center and so much more... Watch out, because Echo ministries might just bring out the best in you... because that is what it did for me! Few church's have tried to lead a singles ministry, but Echo Ministries has done it with a heart and with success! I am praying for generous financial support for this organization, that will allow Echo Ministries to continue to grow and offer these opportunities for adult singles."
    - Judy (Atlanta, GA)

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