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  1. The moment sin entered into this world was when Adam and Eve believed the lie told by the serpent in Genesis 3:5, "For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." This is sin.

    Sin is an infectious worm that says "I am God" and "I decide what is right and what is wrong, what should and should not happen.". Sin is in essence, denying God his Godhood. It places the emphasis on what the creature wants, what the creature feels, and what the creature thinks is true. It doesn't give God all the glory he deserves, but is instead focused on gaining glory for itself. This is why the Pharisees are so ill-spoken of by Christ, because they, through their religion and understanding of God, saught to gain glory for themselves through works and false piety. God sent his son to be our sacrifice and our righteousness so that we could understand that he alone is God, and he alone can save us. Sin deeply desires to be its own hero: its own savior. But the glorious truth revealed in Christ is that salvation is by the Grace of God, the one and only supreme ruler. He alone saves, apart from anything inside of us.

    When I understood this I felt the sin that dwelled deep inside me. How everyday sin beckons me to be my own God, focusing solely on my own desires and thoughts. But thank God that he has given us of his spirit to understand that we are not God. It is only through his spirit we can truely see the sin that dwells so deep within us and every man.
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  2. Hello Cosmic Waffle,
    Grace is so awesome and wonderful and with out it we would all perish for non of us could ever be seen clean in the eyes of our most Holy asnd Righteous God with out the blood of Jesus. Grace is there when we miss it or foul things up and allows us to repent and try again.
    Grace is most loving and kind to all of us.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
  3. Hello Cosmicwaffle.
    In my humble opinion, sin, linguistically points to an error of judgement, i.e., the archers (Adam and Eve) missed the point.
    The point being the Truth.
    Satan introduced doubt, and the Truth wavered in the sight of Eve and Adam.
    As soon as they released (believing the doubt) the arrow (their soul) missed the Truth. Their soul landed in the realm of untruths/deception.
    Fear took over, and they felt separated from God, and lost. Their life of Truth became ever increasingly covered by untruths/sins.

    And since then, and today, lack of faith is our dilemma. Only Truth through Faith in Jesus Christ can we ever hope to reach the Tree of Life.
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    Thanks for your thoughts Peter Luke.

    Sin is more than doubt though, it is a rejection of the Truth that God is God and what he wants is best. Sin concieved when Adam and Eve decided to reject God as God and wanted to do what they thought was right and wrong. The ability to decide what is right and wrong is a power only God can have. We sinned by rejecting him and wanting to be in charge ourselves.

    This sin, or Godlessness, is so prevelent everywhere in today's society. Truth is relative and whatever people think is right is what they believe to be right. People will also tell you salvation and damnation depend on what we choose, rather than God's choice of who he has mercy and grace towards. People say God is crazy in love with every human being and yet he can't save anyone unless that person wants to be. It is the ultimate denial of God's power to save and to damn, and the ultimate elevation of oneself. We should instead be humbled God choose to save any of us.

    In this day and age sin is rearing it's ugly head by making everything about us. That's what sin is, a rejection of God's Godhood and the elevating of oneself in his place. We all do this everyday, and it is deep within us. This is what God sends people to hell for, not doubt.
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  5. Hell Cosmicwaffle.
    I agree that sin is more/deeper than doubt. That is why I said it is believing in 'what is untrue' that is the root of sin. My previous post was referring to the first sin, in all of us, and how it unfolds from a simple deceptive suggestion. An idea that there is other than 'what is true'. The seed of sin is doubt.
    When I said, believing the doubt, I am inferring that the start of believing 'what is untrue' has started. That is, in one hand there is truth, in the other hand is untruth. Doubt initially is undecided, until it is either rejected or believed. By believing in the doubt one favors untruth. It is the belief of an untruth that is a sin.
    An untruth has been taken into the heart. It is accountable, because a belief is an agreement that it is true.

    In your example of God's love for people, my understanding is that God loves whatever is True in a person. Much like my mother loves me, but does not love some of the things I do. Everybody has the Creative Spirit of God breathed into them. This Truth is in everyone. Then there is whatever Truth we accumulate, and value about all. That too is loved by God. But as you have mentioned, most people missed the point/Truth, and have little, or no light burning in their hearts.

    Personally, I consider myself as a person with little Truth - a real sinner of the hopeless variety. Yet I treasure above all things the little Truth I have - like a diamond in the rough. In this regard I feel blessed, yet ashamed. It is the self-reproach that drives me to minimize my sinning behaviors.
  6. Friend, I understand your grief.

    You need to understand that minimizing sinful behaviors won't do anything to wash your sinful heart. You need to know that God is God, and through Jesus Christ you are an object of his grace, his mercy, and his love. We are all sinners, but God has given us himself as a hope. Noone who puts their hope in God will be disappointed. Look to yourself, and there is nothing but sin. Look to Jesus, and there is nothing but grace.
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  7. I just want to add a little bit unto what you have already shared, and maybe ask a question. Do you realize that when God looks at you He sees no sin? His heart is full of love for His created beings. But the Blood of Jesus causes Him to see no sin in you....only the Blood of Jesus. So therefore you are not a forgiven sinner, but a child of the living King that needs developing just like everyone else.....and as you meditate and renew your mind to the Word, you will develop in His timing and strength.
    Blessings my friend!
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    Several years ago, as I was quietly seeking the Lord at the back of a church meeting, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit whispering deep inside me. The words were clear and abrupt.
    "Every day,
    You do,
    What Adam did!"

    Just like that in three separate phrases.

    Strangely I did not feel any condemnation as the words were a confirmation of what I already knew. As I often find, God's rhema words are hugely succinct and explanatory.
    Inside me, I wanted to laugh as it seemed as if he was rather condescendingly patting me on the head!
    I wanted to laugh because I knew that the price was already paid, and that God was merely pointing out what a jumped up jackass I was.
    Ever since I had abandoned all efforts to try and impress God by my own personal goodness, he had been taking me down a route of understanding. This being one more step.
    Living without condemnation can only be found when you have died to fleshly self effort. When that Tree of Knowledge of a brain, ceases to be our source of life, rather than our human spirit, this will make sense! Not one iota of my brain impresses God, despite it being my default position!

    Adam's problem is exactly as Cosmicwaffle says, "I am God" and "I decide what is right and what is wrong, what should and should not happen."

    I stand equally guilty, who doesn't?
    Adam thought that his own intellect would be an equally good source of truth and life, as God's spirit. In making the decision that he could be like God, Adam cut God out of the equation, much like every man woman on this planet does very day.
    In that fateful decision, Adam's spirit man died, no longer connected to God.
    Thankfully, having repented, and despite repeatedly doing what Adam did, God is faithful to me, his own beloved child. Unfortunately, in making those choices on earth we must bear the consequences of them, painful as they often are.
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  9. I want to praise Jesus Cosmicwaffle for your extremely accurate portrayal of sin. I want especially thank you because I am convicted of a besetting sin that I was not really dealing with. It is obvious to me that your OP was for me. Without being selfish, I'm sure that others will be led by the Holy Spirit to repent as I am doing.

    Sometimes a simple act that is not God's will for me seems silent by the energy of my flesh. Self control, and the lack of it causes me to shudder. Just when I think that my spiritual temperature is what it should be for a person who has been a servant of my Master Jesus as long as I have, I should have much better self control or should I say, Christ controlled.

    Do you have any advise in the area of "self control"? How does a Christian practice self control when a sin approaches spontaneously and with no time to realize that it is sin and I shouldn't indulge. I know that I'm not alone in this trap of self-service, so I pray that others will benefit from this thread as I have....Again, thank you and the Lord for your spiritual insight.
  10. Friend when we come to Christ for salvation we repent of any self-righteousness we have. You are a child of God by his Grace in Jesus Christ. He is your righteousness. Apart from him you are just as much a sinner as anyone else.

    If you want to overcome sin in the flesh you need to ask God. But honestly being a Christian is not about being righteous in the flesh but having faith in the righteousness of God through his spirit. Have faith in God and the salvation he has given you, and he will work in you to produce good works. I am sorry I have no practical advice, I just know we are called to walk by faith and not by sight.
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  11. Greetings My Friend Chopper,
    Well apart from renewing the mind and learning to walk in the spirit and spot things that trip us up there is one BIG thing that is called GRACE. THANK GOD FOR IT !!
    RUN right to it and take hold of it and never let go. Ask God how you missed it and what you can do to in order to not fall into it again. Remember though........GRACE is still there if you do trip up.
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  12. Thank God for the cross, where He dealt with sin Once and for all. When Christ died we died all in Adam crucified. The sin nature was dealt it's deathblow by being crucified at the cross. Now as born-again believers we get a new nature.
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