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  1. Sin driveth me to anger. But we all sin. How dost ye deal with such a predicament as this? Shall I ask for forgiveness every time I sin? I know that the Lord shalt forgive me. But sin is embarrassing. It feels as if the Lord forgiveth me not. But I know that He does. What shall I do? Wherein dost ye deal with sin?

    (I am sorry for my faulty King James English. That is also embarrassing. But I need to practice it. This is an entirely serious thread.)
  2. Basically, the thread says:
    We all sin. But sin makes me angry. How do you deal with a predicament like this? Should I ask for forgiveness every time? I know that God will forgive me. But sin is embarrassing. It feel as if the Lord does not forgive me. But I know that He does. What should I do? How do you guys deal with sin?
  3. Why Yeseth doeth ask for thy forgivness of thy sins.
    Believe it or not my friend un-forgiven sin or sin that you push away can come back and bite you in your prayers and faith and results.

    Example........See Faith as a pipe line and it should be free flowing HOWEVER......sin, unforgiveness, not walking in love and doubt and unbelief are just a few pipe cloggers or faith killers. All these things begin over time to gather and slow down until your faith is operating in trickles and not free flowing. It can hinder your results and relationship with the Lord as well.

    When you sin.......dont hide it BUT INSTEAD run right to the Father and confess the sin and get forgiven and cleansed of all your unrighetousness. You are not ever going to inform God of anything. I mean you could say well Father know what I just did and He would say Yup !
    That was to be silly but it is truth........
    Have a blessed day Mr. Juk
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  4. Yup...good advice from the fish catcher. Blessings!
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  6. The thing is that when I think that I am forgiven and not feel guilty anymore something tells me that I should still be guilty because I keep on doing it.
  7. Classic case of the flesh lusting against the spirit. You go by what your heart is telling you, not what your physical mind is telling you. Every body has a particular sin that seems to "trip" them up so easily. We always feel grief when we fall victim to it. These things fall away as one grows in the Lord, and in the power of his might. It is called "sanctification"
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  8. How do I even know what my heart is telling me?
  9. it your mum? Unfortunately, thats what mothers do. If shes an unbeliever, then she hasnt truly learnt how to forgive.
  10. I know not which post you referest to, but my mother doth claim to be a believer.
  11. I was meaning this one.
    Mother's voices have a way of getting inside us. I told you a thousand times, but you won't listen! You always...etc etc.
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  12. Oh. No, the thoughts are not influenced my mom. They are from me.
  13. Well, my advice would be dont let the sun go down on your anger. Take one day at a time. Remember, Gods mercies are new each morning.

    Also, it takes 21 days to change a habit.
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  14. Guilt is not from God. When we sin, we feel remorse---the bible calls it "godly sorrow" which leads to repentance. We keep in good relationship with God when we confess our sin to God and thank Him for His constant flowing forgiveness. We need to be reminded that any sin we commit has already been forgiven and paid for, and forgotten.
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  15. Yay.

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