Simple belief

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  1. Simple belief

    Simple belief in His willingness to move in your life will move more mountains than all the striving you can muster- selah.
  2. That is truly beautiful, Bo! You have to read it again and again to understand it's true meaning. But, I take it as you have to believe with all your heart that He wants to move in your life; that He is sooooo willing to be part of your life and probably more than you'll ever know.

    He loves you so much He can't take His eyes off you! That is pretty amazing, that He loves you so much! Once we grasp this belief, we will be able to move more mountains than anything we could do on our own strength. I love it! Lord, help my unbelief!

    Is this a quote from a book, or did it come straight from the horses mouth?!
  3. Ok, then. Old goat, if you will! Hee, hee.

  4. Nice .... I like it . Some people do make salvation ( And I know people like that )and the Bible complicated and have to find what they call " hidden meanings " .... but we do not have to make things difficult all we have to do is have faith to believe.

    It seems like the more education some people have the more difficult it is for them just to accept the gospel and believe all that God has for us . Simple belief, that 's special.

    When you go to third world countries ... the people are so simple and can understand and believe more than a lot of people here in North America.

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