Silent Hell

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  1. Silent Hell

    In Matthew 7:13-14, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke these words:

    Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

    The vast majority of mankind will be lost for eternity. This doctrine is difficult to accept, yet nonetheless true! But where, oh where I ask is a warning? I look to our pulpits, but the pastors utter not a word of this terrible place. Why do the vast majority of "pastors" refuse to preach
    hell fire?


    BILLIONS of souls will burn in hell for ever and ever, without hope! :(

    Is this matter not important enough to deserve our utmost attention? Why does Joel Osteen, that poster boy for Colgate, refuse to warn the lost of their impending doom? :mad: Why does Rick Warren preach only of love, unity, and helping the poor?

    The answer is simple, my friends. They're liars and deceivers!
  2. I agree with you, Preaching Truth, about the subject of hell being seldom brought up by pastors and preachers, but that doesn't make them 'liars and deceivers', no, not up to that extent.

    There are a few reasons for this. Maybe for one thing, they think people already know, or it kind of turns people off when they hear this topic being brought up. On the other hand, they DO preach the doctrine of salvation, that is getting eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    Personally, I think heaven is more than just an escape from hell. Hell is dreadful, but we should reach out to souls for Jesus not just to prevent them from burning in hell, but that they may know Him and enjoy an abundant life in this world as well.

    But yes, I agree with you, the subject of hell needs to be brought up more. Yet it should be done so with wisdom and tact.
  3. I agree with Mustardseed. There are so many aspects of God, though hell is certainly left out far too often. In fact, in the last few weeks, the Pope re-affirmed hell as truth. Regardless of your opinions of him (I'm not Catholic FYI), the fact that this came as NEWS in the media spoke volumes about what you stated above. It's a reality and too few of us truly fear the wrath of God as we should.

    However, if we only preach on the dangers of hell, many people will choose "fire insurance" instead of salvation. If they accept Christ only because of the fear of being in hell for eternity, will they truly come to accept his love at the same time? I don't know the answer, but it seems to me that ALL aspects of Christ need to preached.
  4. Proverbs 16:6 says, "by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil."

    Fear of Hellfire is a perfectly legitimate reason to turn to Christ. In fact, I would say (in my experience) seldom is a sinner saved because they were told Jesus loves them. Only once they recognize that they're doomed without Christ will they turn.

    Hell is not the motivating factor for mature believers. Although a fire and brimstone message does sometimes encourage believers to walk more closely with the Lord, it's primary purpose is to strike fear into the lost.

    Christ preached longer and louder about Hell than of Heaven.

    I agree :)
  5. Any preacher who REFUSES to preach of judgment, sin, the necessity of repentance, and the reality of Hell, (such as Joel Osteen), is a liar and a deceiver in my book. Osteen doesn't preach of the God of the Bible.
  6. I preach about Hell when The holy spirit guides me

    There has been a lot of great things said here in these previous posts, I agree with what has been said although I am not a preacher when I preacher I leave out the Fir and Brimstone. I preach about Hell when The holy spirit guides me to just as any other subject. :preach:
  7. Rick,

    Without a doubt, the central focus of any preaching ministry should be on the more positive elements of the Gospel. Just as I look down on preachers who preach nothing but love (no call for repentance, etc.), I also look down on preachers who preach nothing but fire. A church requires a balance in order to remain healthy. Your approach is the correct one. :)
  8. It is a reality that in the late 1800's, 'Brimstone' preachers were in abundance... but, sadly, after many decades of people ignoring the Truth through either fear or ignorance of God's Word, those very vocal preachers, for the most part, no longer exist because their membership roles decreased significantly. No audience - no ministry.

    In those days, the message was to "stop your evil ways and repent... OR ELSE." That type of message rubbed quite a few congregation members the wrong way and drove countless persons away from religion alltogether. It was found that if a kind and caring message of The Truth was providied to the congregation and the 'fear factor' and threats of spiritual incineration were not stressed quite as much, that the people would not leave the 'church'.

    That lasted for several generations, but the tide of yet another change was on the horizon... that change was slow in developing, but continues to this day... some people are comfortable these days, without God in their lives. Over several generations, they have fallen farther and farther away from God's message and instead, worship money, greed, corruption, untruths, and permissive behavior with no accountability to themselves or to Our Father.

    Just look at the way that things were in the early 1900's. FAMILIES ate together, talked together, shared daily experiences with each other, loved their family members, worshipped together and the family itself was a unit. THESE days, everyone in a 'family' in most cases does their own thing, goes in their own direction, couldn't care less what the rest of the 'family' is doing and never shares conversation at all OR religious instruction and worship. Parents have lost control of their children because of 'political correctness' guidlines set up by 'educators' who push their biased agenda of taking away parental responsibilities and giving it to themselves; the 'educators' who turn our young persons into zombies... and worse.

    In the past times, when the family was a unit all working for a common cause, the harmony and love within the family was as it should be - based upon Christian values. These days, there is no family unit, there is no honest love within the family in many cases and discipline is just a wishful thought by parents who have no idea how to BE parents.

    These days, if a preacher were to use the pulpit to once again preach the 'brimstone' message of 100 years ago, he or she would have no recognition or credibility in the community because of the current 'social' values (or lack of them) that have surfaced over the past several decades. It is truely a sad commentary that a significant number of persons in these modern times will loose their eternal souls to the works of Satan because of their uncaring and ignorance, and never being taught right from wrong and good versus evil in a religious environment.

    As told in scripture, there will be 'gnashing of teeth' [ Matthew 13 (KJV) ] when these people finally realize the error of their ways... but by then it may be too late.
  9. John Wesley: "Before I can preach love, mercy and grace, I must preach sin, Law and judgement."

    That is a quote from one of the greatest.

    Before you can know the kindness of the cross you need to know the fury of Hell.
  10. A Pastor friend of mine once told me " some come by love, some come by fear"- there is a time and a place for both styles as God leads- it seems to me ( and this is only my opinion) that most of the peole I talk to already know they are doing wrong and just need a nudge in the right direction to give their heart to Jesus- I rarely talk of hell but there are times when it is approriate but it is still His kindness that leads us to repentance- so for me at least it's love lots and apply the rest at His leading-
    I personally don't like to get involved in pointing fingers at others as God certainly uses us all in different ways- some are evangelists and have such a gift at sharing Christ- some are in the body to edify and exhort-some are teachers gifted by God with great wisdom- we all have different callings and ministries from the greatest apostle to the youngest babe in Christ- just dont get caught in the same place as the sons of Eli whom God judged for profaining their brothers offereings- what your brother does may be different than you but it is his offering to his master-

    many blessings Larry
  11. I don't know the words of that preachers, but that doens't affect the message I want to tell you.

    First of all:
    How can you call them liars, when you are not perfect yourself. Instead of helping them, or improve him, you say he is a liar.
    Why don't you start writing a book about hell yourself? There are books about hell, and that we can burn there, if we are not good Christians.

    Everyone, has his own gift and knowledge, maybe those two people that you called, have the knowledge of love, and heaven, but not of pain and hell. Why should they need to write/preach about something where they don't know about?

    Hell is a subject that need to be told about in the church and in books, but, do not complain about writers, that don't do that.
  12. First I would like to say I genuinely care about everyone here at CFS-
    This site is open to all types of discussion and everyone is free to express their attitudes but it would honor Christ if we were to keep this in mind:
    Just because you don't agree with your brother it does not give the right to slander or insult them- in fact Jesus taught " love ye oneanother" and the scripture declares that if you find fault to "go to THAT brother and restore such a one in meekness".
    I suggest we work out our own logs before we try to take out our brothers speck- if you are like me that should keep you busy for some time- I say all these things with the deepest love and respect- your brother Larry
  13. John the Baptist refered to the Pharisees as "generation of vipers." (Matthew 3:7) Was John a perfect man? Certainly not. But are we not to correct error, and expose false teachers?

    Please read Romans 2

    Also, it was Christ who said "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." (John 7:24) There is a time and a place for exposing false doctrine and its ministers.

    Regarding Mr. Osteen: he says he is not called to take a stand on the issue of homosexuality. He refuses to emphasize the necessity of repentance to be saved. This isn't the Gospel of Christ, but of man!

    But if your interpretation of Jesus' words is correct, we cannot hold anyone accountable for anything. It is this philosophy which has opened the door to homosexuality in the church, clergywomen, and widespread apostasy.

    If the Gospel is to be preached, a call for repentance is crucial. First a preacher must address the problem (sin, death); then he must present the solution (Christ). This is Biblical preaching.

    If they don't know about sin and repentance, they're not Christians. I am not saying it is pleasant to preach on these subjects. The topic of Hell should certainly be preached with tears. Yet, preached it must be.
  14. I feel like Pastor Gary is so right on post #8
  15. I agree we should not wrongfully judge others but I also have to say that if ANY man of God does not preach or teach the entire Gospel, repeatedly, in respectable amounts of time, he is not doing the work of God.
    The entire truth has to be taught.
    All of it.
    I like what someone said about balance.
  16. boanerges: What I said, wasn't an attack or something, it was only a post against someones other post.
    I'm sorry if anyone thought that I wrote it, with an aggressive meaning.

    Why are they false preachers?
    a false preacher denies things(!), but who says they do?

    Mr Osteen is wrong then, I agree with that, but what I already told, I don't know their books or preachings .

    question: I know about my sin, and I know about hell. But I can not preach about it. Why not? I have not enough knowledge about that subject!
    so they maybe just don't enough about it.

    I agree it need to be told, I totally agree with that.
    But if someone write books, he does not have to begin with sin, I believe, everyone need to write about what he want, and know. Not about something they don't want, because they have not enough knowledge about it.

    why don't you ask Tim Lahaye to write about genesis?
    He mostly write about the future, but is that wrong?
  17. wait a minute,jesus rebuked his own have conflict in discussions is necesary,being emotional about belief sometimes makes us say daft down everyone.
  18. It is true, IMO, if we do not have full knowledge of something we should not take on the responsibility as a preacher or teacher,with God's word.
    I am talking about someone who takes on the role of preaching the Gospel.
    Shouldn't it be preached in fullness, if you claim to be a 'teacher' of salvation?
  19. Because they don't preach the Gospel of repentance. Their Cross is a source of power and wealth, rather than humility and faith.

    If you are a preacher, you should know! Even so, it is not important to know the doctrine of Hell as much as the simple reality of Hell. We know Hell is terrible, Hell is eternal, and Hell is the conclusion to a Christless life. That is all we must know to preach the Gospel effectively. :)

    I never said anything about books.

    I'm talking about the pulpit.

    A preacher has a responsibility to know the scriptures. If a preacher doesn't know about Hell, he better open his Bible and learn about it.
  20. You can preach the bible cover to cover for a lifetime and not even scratch the surface let alone cover it all-:)

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