Shout Out To Christians Helping Others In Accidents

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by KingJ, May 29, 2014.

  1. I am just thinking back to a recent testimony I never shared...

    I did a somersault with my bike after slamming the front brakes at a green light trying to dodge a car in front jumping a red light, turning into me.

    I lay in the road with my bike on my already injured knee. It took around 30 minutes before someone stopped to help me. This is quite funny as it was a busy intersection.

    A Christian Indian couple helped me up. Telling me to thank and praise Jesus for still being alive. They prayed for me and made sure I was taken care of.

    I am a big man riding a 1000 cc superbike. They were small, soft spoken Indians and yet still came to help. If I was not already saved....I would definitely have got saved from their kindness!! Nobody else bothered to help me. Quite something to think genuine Christians come every 30 minutes. 500 unsaved pass and then one saved couple stops.
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  2. Jesus sent them in your time of need K J. Amen. Those peeps that didn't stop to help a fellow human probably don't have time to stop for God either. Wow God is all ways on time :)
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  3. Incredible that you lay there that long without help. Blows me away.

    I compulsively help people when I see an accident. It never occurred to me that people don't just do that until I saw a doumentary on this subject some years ago. The documentary was the result of someone in New York City who was ignored when he lay on the street after a seizure. No one helped. So they set people up to act out seizures and other problems, in order to see how long it took to get help. Amazing: no one helped some of them, and few offered the others help. They took the documentary out of New York City top other larger cities in the States, and the responses were only slightly better.

    But an obvious accident? Amazing.
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  4. It was after work and I guess everyone is just rushing to get home.

    Here is an interesting social study video on you-tube. 4/20 stop to help a woman being abused.
  5. Ever watched that show, What Would You Do? It shows convincing acts like this.
  6. Yep the bystander effect... You'd be surprised some of the horrible things that have happened that no one cared less about.

    You get the idea.
  7. Great point of thought KingJ - by the way I've got a Honda CBR900 Fireblade!
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  8. Oh, now! No talk about bikes. You're making me jealous. I want a Rebel so badly I could eat one!
  9. 16/20 people were probably too scared to help. Like, what if that guy had a gun or something, then that would be 2 dead people instead of one. I wonder out of the 16 that didn't go up and physically help, called the cops instead. Would that count as helping the woman being abused?

    Me personally, I would of came with a flying kick to the guy. Which is probably wrong of me.
  10. I want a bike so bad someday, atm i gotta stick with my kia rio though lol

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