Should We Teach Our Children Detail Stories From The Bible?

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  1. I commend you for including the whole story.
  2. I have written 8 volumes over 20 different characters. I do not think that it is right just to talk about the one's with no fault but about all. If there is a fault their is also a moral to that fault. take a look at my work…

  3. Yes all of the stories over 23 I have included to good and the bad. Take a look

  4. What I mean is for a young child it would be confusing to say that the good guy is a lustful, manipulating murderer and the bad guy is bad just because he's from somewhere else.

    Lets use another David example. Should we show our kids a terrorist beheading video so that they understand what David did to Goliath after hitting him with the stone? I don't think so. It's unnecessary to the point of the story and I honestly have mixed feelings about putting incredibly violent imagery in a young child's mind even if it is in the Bible.
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  5. Okay. Thank your for your reply! :) My best friend in high school was of that religion, so I understand your answer. By the way, I am still in contact with her. She has left the church, but her sister is a pastor's wife there. My church, when I was a child, was similar to a point.

    Well, I hope you enjoy your time here! We are a very diversified group! :)
  6. What about what they see in the real world…sex, bulling, and need me to say that they will learn it in school. Who better teem then the parents. There was a reason for beheading Goliath, his lust, all of it was for a reason.
  7. I see…but I like it. Thanks for taking the time to talk. Hope to see you around in other topics.
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  8. I'm not trying to argue with you or anything. I just would explain things depending on the age. Everybody teaches their children differently and every child is different. I just can't see describing a beheading to my young child before he drifts off to sleep. They will see enough evil in the world in their lifetime, so I don't think putting it in their minds early helps anything.
  9. I understand. Thanks and it was great talking to you and I think that we gave our opinions respectfully.
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  10. I agree :)

  11. Trust me you want to teach them all or most of the story. I was raised in a half christian and half something else home. I never really got the whole story of the bible, because most of what I learned was on cartoons. Super watered down cartoons and now that I read the bible I see how different it is. Be careful how you teach your children too, don't be closed minded, and 1 Thessalonians 5:21. Also I recommend teaching them when the books were written and historical background. Try bringing them to good Sunday schools and try getting good teachers. Try to familiarize them with apologetics. Lastly do NOT overwhelm them because if you do they might just lose interest or later on they might think you're brainwashing them. AND THAT IS HOW IT'S DONE :D
  12. I'm of the opinion that children should be kept to the New Testament, apart from Revelation.

    They really need to hear about The King.
  13. Amazing. Why?? The whole Book is about Messiah!

    Thanks for bringing this thread up, however; I forgot about it....
  14. The Good News is the primary focus for Christians.

    That is NOT in the OT. That's the old news and the old ways and can confuse children easily about what The King had in mind.

    To talk about slavery to a child under ten and then flash forward to Jesus would become very unnerving.

    It would make it look like the Jesus that says love your neighbour as yourself, is adding, unless he is a slave, then it is OK.

    Not a good clear message.
  15. You also have to be careful because of outside influence and because of social morals.
  16. Yes it is a message that needs to be clearly and concisely defined for children.

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