Should We Teach Our Children Detail Stories From The Bible?

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  1. I was searching for Biblical stories to read my First born in 2008 but everything was straight to the point. I decided to write them myself focussing on importent people that gave a meaning. I wrote about murder (Cane), lust (King David), plots (Jacob & Esua). Is that too much for children to know? Please take a look at my 1 min. video and let me know what you think. Thanks

  2. Depends, what age range are you talking about?
  3. There is no need in holding back Gods word from children.

  4. It depends on the age range. I don't think that you should tell a four year old that David (a biblical hero) killed a woman's husband because he impregnated the dude's wife while he was away. It makes things confusing.

    I don't think that we should hide these details, but I do think we need to be concious that a very young child may get confused on what is okay or not considering some of the heroes of the Bible are murderers and adulterers.
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  5. Let me add clarity to my previous comment. If the child is old enough to comprehend the words you are saying then he or she should be taught as much of the Bible as possible.

    Withholding the "bad" parts at a young age only brings doubt later on in certain situations. An atheist will quickly bring up the gore in the Bible to try to discredit it. It is better if the child is given armor at a young age.
  6. Your book, itself, appears to be beautiful and an asset to the home. However, when I bought books for my children, and now books for my grandchildren, I always bought those books that were relevant to their understanding and maturity. It is good to give a child a little push with regard to vocabulary and ideas, but children grow in stages of understanding.

    I will never forget a hard-learned lesson when my daughter was @ four. She was so cute and petite, and she wore "grown-up" clothes well. That's fine for occasion, but one day, I dressed her up in her grown-up clothes with pantyhose and took her to her grandma's to play. I didn't know that some pastors were at Grandma's house, and when she naturally started doing her normal activity -- tumbling, summersaults, etc., I nearly fell over. Because of the way I'd dressed her, it was like my precious baby girl was giving them a 'Vegas show.

    You are a mom. I am sure I don't have to write to you that everything should be maturity-appropriate.
  7. I can see where you are coming from but I chose stories that give learning morals behind their fault if any. As far as your daughter my religion we do not wear pants and my mother put shorts under our dresses. When do you think is the right time. I mean the way that school is…isn't it better that they know about things that matter then things of the world.
  8. It seems that people are going to find anything to discredit the bible. But gore is also in our everyday lives…can re protect them from that. Maybe my stories can give them a better understand how this world really works.
  9. You made a great point on arming our children. Do you think that these stories are the armor that they need since those things still happen today.
  10. When my children were tiny, I didn't hold back. In time, I learned that for my daughter, that was not all right; for my son, it was. Different people, different ways of handling things. Now, my children are doing things right and making their own mistakes with their own children! :D

    It is interesting that you bring up not wearing pants. When I wore dresses/skirts, I was ashamed. I felt so exposed whether i was a child, a teen, or a woman. Immediately after I left the church that demanded dresses/skirts only for women, the first thing I did was get rid of my skirts/dresses and buy pants. :D I finally felt modest! Funny how we view things so differently! I guess I never understood how a dress/skirt, which exposes everything, which makes everything easily accessible, is modest. Even when I was in 8th grade in the Midwest U.S., only the loose girls wore dresses/skirts, yet I was forced to wear them because of my parents' religion. How embarrassing! Of course, that's just MY experience.
  11. This is why I decided to tell everything to get them to understand. They can understand that yes David was wrong in all that he did in this situation, but when he repented he never sinned again and because of the blood that he brought down on his family that was the consequences of his wrong doing.
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  12. By the way, did you do your own art? It is wonderful!
  13. See…that is different for me as I see that women wearing pants is not modest…like you said perceptions are so different. But with the world of God there should be no limits on what a child should know. Some that being a self bomber is the right way to teach a child. Or not eating pork…or wearing skirts/pants. I wanted to reach children in a way that I believe in modest… But it is up to the parent since they will be guying the LOL.
  14. No I found her in for freelancers to look for work. I posted what I need and we worked together for 4 years. Young but talented.
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  15. I've had an ideal I've not been successful at standing up to:
    Never put people on pedestals; they fall off.

    However, that's for living people, not people like David, who is written in the Book and finished. G-d said that David was a man after His heart, but that was because David was so faulty yet so able to see the truth and repent. For a biblical hero, I would wait for maturity in my child before I brought David up. Rather, I would bring up our Messiah. Now THERE's a HERO!!

    For little children:
    I would bring up Daniel, who must have had faults, but I don't know them.
    The Three Hebrew Children, whose faults we don't have to deal with.
    Paul, who was a murderer and hateful against believers in Messiah, but he met the Messiah, repented, and walked carefully.
    How about John the beloved?
    Thomas the twin, of whom we know a few faults.

    And as children mature, sure, I would teach them about the others.
  16. The word of God is Armor. Don't put half your armor on before going into battle. If you only teach part of the Bible to your children then that is what will happen.

    And you are correct that these things still happen today. We haven't changed much since Biblical times.
  17. Just curious. Just a short answer, since you brought it up, but this thread is not about that. How can a woman be immodest in pants but a man is not immodest in pants. That, I always thought, was curious. :)
  18. I think I may have misunderstood something in your post. I believe my book in no just the gore but everything that took place. I'm not just picking out the good/bads but everything within that story.
  19. Pentecostal Apostolic is my belief if you look in Deu. 22:5 it talks about men wearing garments meant for women and women wearing garments pertaining to a man. Pants are made for men and dresses for women. If a person do the opposite it is an abomination in the sight of God.
  20. I agree that everything should be included. That's what I was trying to say. Some people leave half the story out. There are lessons to be learned from hearing all of God's word.

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