should our christian youth even be dating?

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  1. should our christian youth even be dating?

    yea, im just putting the question out there like i did in the other forum... ive been wondering this,...should christians or should i say young christians under 21 be dating with no expectation or inclination of a marriage prospect just be dating to be with those expectations is courtship. Honestly most of these kids that date at these young agesare prone to have mishaps and life changing issues. I dont know beacuse a lot of christians I know say that we should not and that we need to focus on getting to know HIM first....I dont know what do you think?
  2. I think it all depends on the maturity level of the individuals. If they're looking for a spouse than they better wait on God for Mr./Mrs. Right; trying to make something happen yourself is a bad idea. I think if they're in high-school and meet another believer and have feelings for eachother (and can date without sex), then they should develop that relationship. I feel the Lord brought my wife and I together, even before we were believers. I started dating my wife when I was seventeen and we've been together for 8 years now, (married for three w/7 mo. old daughter.) LOL! I just got laughed at by my wife when I told her I was writing about relationships:) I wasn't thinking about marriage at that age, however when I went to pick up my wife on our first date I couldn't help thinking to myself,
    'Man, wouldn't it be weird if I ever wound up marrying this girl? what if I'm actually taking out my future wife on a first date? Naw, what could be the odds of that...!'

    I do think dating just to date, and not dating someone you know is a bad idea, as the only interest probably lies in the physical realm. If that's the case then maybe they need to go back to hanging out with a group, untill a genuine spark is ignited for someone. (...I'm not certified...)


  3. Why under 21....I see no reason why youth cant date...:cool:
  4. God gives us free wiil.this is what we fight for.:eek:
  5. This is really a "dumb" question with nothing gained.:blink:
  6. Actually I don't see it as a dumb question and given the fact that this is a friendly community - I think a comment like that is a bit offensive to the poster.
    Clearly there is a problem in youth - whether christian or not, the reality is there is a worldwide problem - at least in western culture with teen pregnancy. If we all think all christian teens are all practicing celebecy, we are truely kidding ourselves. That is definitely the ideal, but I don't know alot of churches who actually teach their youth reality based stuff like this. Promise rings and saving yourself certificates are not enough to keep youth from temptation.
    So is staying away from dating so young going to be helpful - perhaps.
  7. Teenage dating a dumb question???? Hardly:eek: short of being born and dying, bringing about another life is most significant thing we do in this world. And the first two are not optinal;)
    It is by no means a dumb question.

    Dating for the sake of dating is sort of like shooting a gun while blindfolded. Do it enough times and your bound to hit something you don't want to hit:rolleyes:.

    It is a dangerous practice to say the least.
    Would you let your child dive into water over their head, knowing they don't know how to swim????? Let them drive a race car around the race track at 12 or 13????
    Go out for a casual walk, alone in hurricane???
    Of coarse not!!! That would be dangerous and stupid.

    Yet we without a thought turn them loose with other children going through the same things they do not undrstand and cannot control and wonder why. . .
    Why teen pregnancy is so hight???? ,why STDs are so high????, why teen
    suiside is so high???? Why family values are disapearing??? why imorality is getting worse???

    And the realy sad thing is that when they have children they won't know what to do for them because they never experienced it from their parents.
    We are 3rd, 4rth, 5th in some cases 6th generation single mother households with little or no hope of changing the cycle.:(

    Is keeping your children home or under your watchful eye going to change the world stats???? Probably not that much. . . But for your children , it will make all the differance in the world, for the rest of their lives.

    One thing I want to touch on though,
    It is not the church's responsibility to raise the children. Church, youth and purity programs cannot replace the parent's commitment and responcibiliy in this situation.
    You want to do something in the church/ Guide, councel, teach, the parents, so they can do whats best for the children/family. Discourage social dating, promote biblical family values to the whole family.
  8. if you want youth to change,tell them that they are being used emotionally,and physically by there father,to give his sons and daughters what they desire,by using are just pawns in a spiritual war,ask for help from our father.the truth.

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