Should Homosexual Behavior Be Illegal?

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by SergioL, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. Because the client has the benefit of a good social standing and the protection of his family and friends. Some prostitutes have no one in the world and are trapped into what they are doing.
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  2. So you're basing it on moral reasons.. What's the difference with me saying homosexuality should be illegal?
  3. Agreed.
    I really wish that there could be more places for people that feel they have nowhere to turn. The church isn't helping enough.
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  4. You believe the prostitute is "trapped" into doing what they do. Maybe I believe the same thing as you, but for homos, they are "trapped" into doing what they do.
  5. You guys have all sort of excuses for everything. So are rapists trapped also? How about child molesters. Are they trapped as well?
  6. So go out and start something. Don't go blaming the Church when people like yourself arent out there pulling them off the streets
  7. Many prostitutes love their jobs and are so perverse that they do not want any such thing as a rescue or another means of employment, let alone rehabilitation. Many are banding together these days to form coalitions to make prostitution legal. They love it! They are doing it here where I live.
  8. If they aren't saved, then they are not closer to God than those who are. You are judging erroneously and with your flesh, not with Godly wisdom.
  9. Yea they are at least honest enough to know that sin is sin and that they sould turn from that sin..
  10. God sees the heart of the hypocrite.
  11. your getting more and more silly with your attempt to approve your own sin.
  12. Exactly there are many that love their job.

    @sergio And it doesn't make me upset that you disagree. I just think you gotta be a little more consistent with your argument. If you don't think it should be illegal for gays. Then I would assume you would think prostitution, drugs, seat belts, and other morally based laws should be legal.
  13. yea why all this talk? because they dont really care about these people, they are only looking for an excuse for their own perversions and this is just a smoke screen.
  14. I think the only hope for homosexuals is to turn to Christ. There are numerous testimonies of homosexuals that have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. However, if homosexuals feel hated by the church, they will believe that God also hates them, so they will never turn to God. If we show them that we love them and that we want the best for them, some of them will be willing to live a new life in Christ.
  15. Do you really think that this guy is trying to be rational?
  16. So in order to save them, we must allow them to believe a lie? No The Holy Spirit convicts sinners of their sin and thats how people are led to many people have YOU led to Christ? I can tell you ZERO!
  17. I see what you're saying man.

    In my humble opinion if I was out murdering people, I would expect a righteous God to hate me. If I believe that God and the church hates me because of my sin, wouldn't that make me want to repent more?
  18. That if we imprison homosexuals using the Bible as a pretext, all we are going to achieve is a general hatred towards God. No homosexual will turn to God because of the fear of being imprisoned. We, Christians, are not here to force people to behave in a godly manner, but to lead sinners to Christ.
  19. Yes we are not here to force people but we are here to enforce the truth.
  20. As I said before, sodomy and other homosexual acts are already illegal in many municipalities. It isn't enforced, however, but the fact that these laws are on the books is evidence to you that the government, at least at one time DID enforce the law. It just goes to show you h0w immorality has taken hold and good government has slid down that slippery slope to moral chaos. Don't you see that all around you?
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