Should girls wear shorts?

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  1. Should girls wear shorts?

    I am a sixteen year old female and i wanted to see how Christian parents feel about their daughters wearing shorts. My parents don't care what I wear as long as I don't look like a slut. But I do know that others feel differently. For example, I go to a christian school and some people were going to a trip to Spain. My friend was going and she told me that the teacher wouldn't let girls wear shorts. The teacher's reason was , "you don't want to cause a man to sin". Which is true but a girl can't make a man sin. Girls can cause a man to be tempted but not sin. Besides Spain is a hot country and I think it's unfair to make girls suffer in the heat of the scorching sun. Besides, the boys were allowed to wear shorts. Boys and girls should be treated equally.
    I also know that shorts can be too short on girls. But they do make shorts that go almost to our knees that are also in fashion for the summer. Why couldn't they be allowed to wear those? How do you feel?
  2. SuzieQ - It is a travesty that a "Christian" teacher would limit the apparel options of students in that particular manner. There are some denominations that restrict youth clothing for economic and other bona fide reasons, but this seems to be taking it too far based upon poor understanding of scripture. There is NOTHING in Biblical reference concerning this EXCEPT a couple issues that are sometimes USED inappropriately to do exacttly what this teacher - possibly in ignorance - is doing.

    Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV) pertains to the SAME SITUATION as described in Leviticus 18:22 (KJV).

    In Deuteronomy 22, the 'clothing' mentioned is not actually apparel. It comes from the Hebrew language translation and means that a woman should not take the place of a man in that 'act'. It is a Hebraism and is a characteristic usage of the descrtptive nature of the Hebrew language to get a point across.

    In fact, even if the teacher in question is using that verse incorrectly - what did MEN wear in the days that Deuteronomy was written?


    That teacher should be spoken with by the elders and even the parents concerning proper scripture usage. If it is ONLY that teacher that would impose the restrictions and is NOT a POLICY of the school, then it is ONLY that teacher who needs educating, not the denomination.
  3. Yes, the guys and girls should be afforded the same comforts.
    Girls might be allowed to wear shorts, for example, if they are loose fitting and to the knee.

    I agree with most of what Pastor Gary says but I do understand that a religious organization has to lay down some rules to set an example in their beliefs as Christians and to keep some order.

    The camp my boys go to~they are not allowed to wear tank tops but are allowed sleeveless shirts.
    And no shirts with logos.

    The reason I understand this is for a couple reasons.
    1 is that many kids will take advantage of any situation if there are not boundaries laid down. If there were no rules or limits many of the kids might dress offensively.
    2~modesty and moderation is being taught.

    Now, I do agree about the modesty issue being mistranslated through the scriptures and misunderstood and mistaught~

    If more effort was put into 'teaching' the true meaning of modesty then there would be more followers, on this issue, 'from the heart' as opposed to 'because of the rules'.

    I know the church we have attended occasionally, from what I have heard (or haven't heard) and still see, is that modesty is not even an issue taught. (not a contradiction about camp which is separate).
    There are many women and girls who I feel dress inappropriately.

    Yes, we females do have a responsibility in not bringing temptation to men.
    We may be shown equal respect in issues such as this, but we are not equal and I am sorry if this is offensive to anyone.

    When it comes to sexual issues, men and women ARE different.
    Our hormones are different.
    God made it all that way for a reason.

    Men ARE responsible for their own actions, yes, as they will always be exposed to women of little character, but they should NOT be tempted by their own sisters in Christ.

    I hope this helps somewhat.
    Also, it may not be the teacher's fault entirely if she, herself, has guidelines to uphold in her position at a Christian school~

    Also, have fun on your trip! :)
  4. Sweetheart, I think you are a smart girl;) ! You are very right about the fact that a girl can cause a man to be tempted but not to sin! When we sin it's us that does the sinning and we can't blame others for our decision. I will also say that boys and girls should definately be treated equally. It's one thing to ware "dasy-duke" short, short shorts that leave nothing to the imagination, which would be wrong, and it's another to ware shorts that are tasteful, at or right above the knee and that are a little loose. Specially in such warm wether. So go ahead and ware your shorts and have a great time on your trip.

  5. Laura, I'm thinking she is not allowed to wear the shorts.
    She may have to adhere to these rules in order to go on the trip.
    Wonder if going to someone in a higher position in the school and talking, would help?
  6. i wear shorts but in my own house for comfort.or in summer when it,s problem.were is the apostraphy on the it only below on computers.
  7. SC, you're a guy and most people don't even have an issue with males wearing shorts.
  8. im an equal rights guy.i hide my legs from ladies so not to corrupt them.gotta have a laugh now and again lol.
  9. Suzie,

    This is a very difficult problem to get a good understanding of. First, let me state that I am a Christian School principal. Second, my wife works with an organization that funds projects around the world, particularly in third world countries. She was recently in Africa and talks with people from around the world on a regular basis. (Her boss is in England and we live in PA, USA.)

    Now, from a Christian School principals perception - we must set boundaries. Everyone loves to be critical of those boundaries, but absent of such boundaries everyone is angry! Everyone wants our Christian children to be conservative, but few are willing to teach, train and uphold boundaries. In my 20 years in Christian schools I have never had a group of high school students who have not complained about dress codes, not matter how lenient they are! It seems to be a developmental stage high school students go through. Not wanting limits in general.

    Second, when we as American Christians go overseas, we are perceived as very "loose" and "sensual." Very short shorts are often viewed as a sign that a young lady is "advertising" that she is willing to have consensual sexual relations. This is not true in the US and much of Europe, but it is still true elsewhere. When my daughters have traveled to South America they have been required to wear very long wrap around skirts (which by the way they have reported are cooler than shorts or pants!)

    Finally, I have learned over 20 plus years of working with students, that your friend may or may not be relaying to you how the "short rule" was or was not presented to her. What you have heard is most likely what she took away from the presentation, but it may not be - likely is not - what was presented. Your job as friend should be to encourage her to understand the rule and figure out how to live within the rule or make a proper appeal.

    Hope that helps. I know a missionary who did work with Muslims for years. She told me that it was easier to raise Christian kids where there were less choices. When her family returns to the States she feels like all she does is say "no, no, no." "No" to certain movies and TV and music and clothes and statements and gestures, etc.

    God bless,
  10. Mark, I really liked what you had to say~
  11. Thanks! I appreciate everyone's comments. I just think it's ashame how some girls choose to dress immodestly and ruin certain privileges for all girls.I guess that's just how the world is..
  12. Errosion of Values

    The agenda of Satan is to slowly whittle away at those values that Christians hold dear.

    As time goes on, more and more persons fall away from God and follow the doctrines of Satan. When this happens to those around us, we can see the differences in them and this is very disappointing. We try our best to bring them back to God, but it seems that once they have drifted away there is very little that we can do to bring them back. Do not judge them or be angry with them... but pray for them. They will have to reconcile their decisions when they meet Our Father and they will be judged accordingly by Him.

    Always do your very best to set a proper Christian example for others, and let them see how your faith and love for God sustains you. Perhaps, then, they will not stray...
  13. In my opinion its not a bad thing for girls to wear shorts. In fact, it could be a good thing because it is your choice whether or not you committ sin with lust. If you dont see it like that when you see a girl in shorts than you just prove to yourself and somewhat to God that he is the most important thing in your life and you put him before things like that.
  14. As a dad here is my take: Shorts ok- short shorts not ok- and you are responsible for your actions and God holds us to account if and when we cause others to stumble.
    If we have the mind of Christ we are careful in what we do as we are conscience of how our actions may cause a weak person to fall. If I as a christian decide to say go to a casino for the buffet and I cause someone with a weakness for gambling to go in because " Larry did it and he's a christian" - if that person gets into trouble I have contributed in making my brother stumble- this principle also applies to what you are talking about. Dressing imodestly can not only cause problems for others but can bring undesired attention to yourself- something to be considered in this day and age.
    I hope you make your decisions wisely and based on love- your older brother Larry
  15. Okay Suzie, I may get a lot of heat on this one. Boys and girls

    bodies are not equal. Wife has the fingertip add 3 inches rule. Put

    your hands to your sides. Add 3 inches. My daughter's clothing

    comes down that far. Short arms? Add 5. Boys no speedos.
  16. Our school district recently added to the dress code for the Middle School. It's as follows:

    When purchasing school clothes, please keep in mind the dress code: NO midriff shirts,
    tops with spaghetti straps, hip-hugger pants below the hipbone, or shorts with less than a 4-inch inseam.

    They also told the girls to drop their hands to their sides and if they can touch skin, their shorts or skirts are too short. (Similar to the add three inches rule). :)

    I cringe when I see what some of the kids are wearing these days. Thankfully, my daughter's tastes tend to run towards the more modest and she keeps herself fairly well covered. She does wear shorts, but nothing SHORT short.
  17. I have overheard the men talking and say they don't like tight shorts on women. (I'm sure that is just some of the men...) Alot of women wear them too.
    Just an FYI :)
  18. My kiddo is self concious about what she calls her "badonkey" (her behind) so she doesn't wear her shorts tight at ALL. Me neither. No one needs to see what I've got. Mind tend to be long and somewhat baggy!
  19. i think shorts are ok aslong as you dont have nobbly knee,s.:amen:

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