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Should Christians vote for Trump?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Big Moose, May 14, 2016.

  1. A pull quote from the article:
    “”We aren’t supporting political candidates,” he said. “I’m encouraging Christians to vote. The problem in our country today is that we have allowed the progressive to take God out of our government. We have allowed godless secularism to take control of Washington.”-Franklin Graham

    More and better candidates will rise when the politicians realize that the Christian block will vote en masse and their values must be represented. Even the Democrats will have to moderate.
  2. I have prayed about this and I will vote for Trump and then pray some more for America. What I really want is a nation where Christ is so big you can't ignore him and government is so small you hardly notice it. Sadly America, I fear, is lost but I can't just not try to stem the flood of evil we are awash in and half our churches now call good.

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  3. A well balanced article.
    While I believe I have no right to plug for any US candidate (being an Australian), I do think it is obligatory of every citizen of voting age to lodge a formal vote.
    So goodonya if you do vote formal.
    Up here in Australia voting is compulsory, but far too many people just cast the donkey vote
    Ohh well we'll see what we'll see.
  4. Not to worry - it's entirely possible to be a liberal and a Christian too. That describes me perfectly.

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