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Should Christians vote for Trump?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Big Moose, May 14, 2016.

  1. A pull quote from the article:
    “”We aren’t supporting political candidates,” he said. “I’m encouraging Christians to vote. The problem in our country today is that we have allowed the progressive to take God out of our government. We have allowed godless secularism to take control of Washington.”-Franklin Graham

    More and better candidates will rise when the politicians realize that the Christian block will vote en masse and their values must be represented. Even the Democrats will have to moderate.
  2. I have prayed about this and I will vote for Trump and then pray some more for America. What I really want is a nation where Christ is so big you can't ignore him and government is so small you hardly notice it. Sadly America, I fear, is lost but I can't just not try to stem the flood of evil we are awash in and half our churches now call good.

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  3. A well balanced article.
    While I believe I have no right to plug for any US candidate (being an Australian), I do think it is obligatory of every citizen of voting age to lodge a formal vote.
    So goodonya if you do vote formal.
    Up here in Australia voting is compulsory, but far too many people just cast the donkey vote
    Ohh well we'll see what we'll see.
  4. Not to worry - it's entirely possible to be a liberal and a Christian too. That describes me perfectly.
  5. I was forwarded a link to a podcast TCO recently. An interview about this very issue and with in part the niece of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.
    Ms. Alveda King.

    TCO 10/15/16: Freedom of Religion Is More Than Freedom of Worship

    I think the Christian is responsible for looking to the future of the country. Can we vote for someone who can't be trusted to obey the laws even in emails? When entrusted as secretary of state? Who's early campaign commercials promised she would continue the legacy of president Barack Obama. Meaning, and likely this is why those commercials stopped being aired, a third term for Barack.

    Or do we vote for a man that just recently turned conservative and for this race? When he was always before a Democrat.And a friend of the Clinton's?
    I have no idea which way to go this time round. I'm praying about it. But I just heard that the FBI has written a letter to congress. They're asking the investigation into Hillary be reopened. Because of new information in emails that they've found.
    However, I believe all that is blowing smoke. Like fly fishing the Republican side that is now hopeful she'll finally meet justice. Because the FBI nor Comey prosecute.
    Loretta Lynch, the attorney general and her offices do. And she made it clear after a very unethical meeting with Bill Clinton on her private plane, that she had no interest in evidence against Hillary. And her office has no intention of ever prosecuting her.

    That's some dedication to justice isn't it? So I don't think Hillary is going to be held to answer for her behavior as secretary of state. Now we have to ask ourselves what we can live with for four years?
    The pickings this election is very poor in my opinion.

  6. From what I have learned, the best thing is to look at the party's platform. whatever party one is under is how the president has to tailor his votes and decisions to.

    Another thing we have to remember is that as long as the believers are praying for the person who's in office God will lead and guide. There were kings (like Nebuchanezer) that were not submitted directly to God, but God was able to use them for His purpose...even if it was for only one thing.

    My vote stays with trump and the Republican party, due to their stance against abortion. Mike pence is a strong believer and with every believer praying, I believe things will work out the way God wants them to. Trump may be a little uncoothed at times, but he has the boldness that God needs to get this country back in shape.

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  7. :) Did you go to the link and listen to the audio interview of Ms.King? She too said she was voting for Trump. Because this election isn't a personality contest. It is about life. I do wonder about Trump's pro-life stance when he was always pro-choice before. He changed there as he changed parties just to run for office.
    I'm not sure if he's sincere.

    I can say that I'd imagine the Christian people of the country prayed for Hillary when she was secretary of state. And senator. And look how she turned out as secretary of state.
  8. That would be about the most sensible comment I have read so far.(y)
    """""thy will be done on Eaarth as it is in Heaven.........." covers that and many other things.
    Are you being diplomatic or what?:)
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  9. Can you imagine how things might have gone with no prayer?
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  10. That's really good to hear. The truth of the matter is that we sorely need Christians involved with both the Democrat and Republican parties. It's critical.. Christians who are involved within the party can often be the voice of reason and provide much needed moral backstop where criticism from "The other side" is simply received as rock throwing.

    We can also be the ones that keep critical Christian issues from getting forgotten or dismissed within the party. We saw quite a bit of this after Catholics left the Democrat party en-masse. The party lost much of the the critical influence of Christians. Powerful and influential Christians have been replaced by powerful and influential Atheists...... We need to get back in and get involved...

    The key thing is that we know we answer to a higher authority than "The Party".... We realize that some day in the future - "The Party" will be forgotten to the sands of time - but God will remain.... And we will all have our chance to stand before Him.

  11. I think for those of us on the fence about voting for either candidate that this CP opinion piece may be helpful. Especially when we're often told it is a biblical issue to decide for one candidate or the other.

    When Christians Should Not Vote
    By Luke Davis Townsend , Op-Ed Contributor
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  12. Make sure as your considering not voting...that according to God it is our reaponsibility to vote. And if we choose not to vote, then we will be held accountable, by God for siding against His will, and desires. and if perhaps any party gets into office that is pro choice...then you are held accountable for the murder of millions of babies and the shedding of innocent blood.
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  13. Did you read the opinion piece?
  14. The believers cannot pray against what they don't know is happening. And even when believers pray, the choice to be dishonest and deceptive is still up to the person they are praying for. And being that this world is still under the curse, bad things can still happen to good people that God is not responsible for.
  15. No. because not voting is never an option. And if the article is in line with the title...then I don't choose to put that information In my mind.

    When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, preparing to die for my sins....He did not choose to consider (or question) the option to not die. Had He allowed Himself consider, even for a moment, what His body was tempted to feel....He would have never have gone to the cross.

    We have to keep our minds upon the pure seed of the Truth of The Word of God...otherwise we will fall for the tricks and wiles of the enemy.
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  16. We will get whom we deserve from God, as all authority is His and His alone. Certainly we've aborted the person God wanted to put into office. Americans were given a great responsibility, and it's been squandered. I finishing up my Roman Republic and Ancient Greek class, and the last part was about why the Roman Republic fell. Most of the lessons learned from Rome's rough beginning were incorporated by our Founding Fathers. What I found most disturbing was how the Roman Republic fell. To find out how, read today's headlines in America! So very sad. I can relate to Jeremiah and Nahum now.

  17. The bible tells me that all things are of God's will and plan and for his glory.
    If I believed that the person God ordained to be president of the U.S was aborted, I'd have to concede that human woman and her choice was more powerful than God and his will for that seed he allowed to grow inside her.

    I agree America is falling into the footsteps of Rome and its downfall.
    There's a video on You Tube that outlines that particularly well. I'll see if I can find the title again and post it here.

    I think the founders would have done a great service for the future of America if they would have installed term limits for all three branches of government.
    Instead, they chose not to. And today our legislature can only be limited by voters. Which isn't effective as the term limit of Senator Byrd and Thurmond demonstrated. Bird died while in office. And made history as the longest serving senator ever. While Strom Thurmond retired at 99 and was mentally infirm. And he died at 100.

    As long as the two remaining branches have no limit to their power I believe we'll continue to witness power out for itself.
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