Should Christians Learn The Hebrew Alphabet And Feast & Festivals?

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  1. I know we are grafted into the vine, and we are to bare fruit. Lately I have been feeling a pull towards learning Hebrew Alphabet, and go into the Feast & Festivals since the Christian holidays are Pagan in origin.

    I was wanting some input on what believers think about it?
  2. In all things we should strive to be like Jesus. I am sure he knew the Hebrew Alphabet and practiced the Jewish feasts and festivals. The more we learn about who he is, the better.
  3. It certainly gives us a better understanding.. Yesterday I participated in Passover Seder at our Church.. I was stunned to go through some of the details and how perfectly Jesus fulfilled everything.. We will become more appreciative..

    At the same time, it does not add anything to our salvation.. Which is His grace and mercy.. There is nothing we can add on to.. But definitely a very good thing to explore and learn..
  4. I'm currently read "Jesus the Rabbi" by Dwain Miller. He stresses the importance of understanding the Hebrew culture to understand an accurate portrait of Christ. I've read two chapters and I've been blessed tremendously. I agree with Rav, it won't add to salvation, it has added to my appreciation and understanding though.
  5. I think taking time to learn the Hebrew alphabet would not be as useful as learning there culture they had in the bible, the things they had to do because the time it lived. Now learning the Hebrew language could be very useful.
  6. I'm interested in the biblical holidays as well. I wanted to celebrate Passover this year, but I don't know what to do.
  7. No...
    Second time around spouses throw out everything concerning the previous weddlings.The law based on strict guidelines
    just confuses the new evangelicals who are into charity, driven to a fault.
  8. Some churches might go through Passover seder from a Christian perspective.. That is, show how it is done and how it was fullfilled by Christ.. That is what we do in our Church.. And we generally have members outside of our Church visiting on that day.. Just to experience it..
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