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  1. Shopping List

    I'm looking for some of God's good food to eat. Healthy (not health) food that tastes good and will benefit my body. Here's what I got so far...

    Spinach - it was good for popeye, hmm?
    Almonds - provides omega 3's and protein
    Natty Peanut Butter - without the hydrogenated fats; omega 3 fatty acids.
    Low-fat Dairy - yogurt, cheeses, etc. They're just plain yummy.
    Whole grain breads - nothing bleached. Good source of carbs and fiber.
    Fruits - nature's deserts.
    Green tea - provides antioxidants.

    Ideas? Suggestions on what to add to the grocery list? What are some of the things on your list that you feel good about eating and are healthy for you?

    Thanks, guys!:)
  2. Sure:

    Yellow or acorn squash


    Ground pine nuts

    Fresh tomatoes

    Multicolored corn on the cob

    Wild Ruffed Grouse or Pheasant




    Wild brown rice

    ... just to add a few to the list.
  3. in fatty acids

    Ezekiel Bread....whole sprouted grains...and yummy!

    Honey...natural topical antibiotic, allergy releaf, and sweet!
  4. It is difficult for me to add to the list, because I normally create a shopping list after doing careful menu planning and deciding what ingredients I will need for the meals.

    Things to buy.....

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Turkey Breast deli meat
    lemon juice
    sweet potatoes

    If you like..... almonds, try buying almond milk. They even make chocolate almond milk for a special treat.

    If you like..... peanut butter, try buying tahini to use instead. (It is a sesame paste....can also be used in a variety of ways in cooking.)
  5. Wonderful! Wonderful! So many great ideas here!:D

    When I was a teenager, I could eat anything I want. Today - I just stick my tongue out in disgust at a Ding-Dong and gain 5 lbs!:eek:

    Oh's been so long since I had a Ding-Dong or a Hi-Ho...but I remember, I remember...:rolleyes:

    I can't stand brussel sprouts, because they're like eating little alien brains. Beats make me sick (I don't know why), but I love all other veggies including hominy.

    Book - that's admirable! I usually dont know what I'm going to make until that very night; and then I go wandering around in the pantry looking to see if we have the ingredients, hehe:)
  6. May I make a suggestion on cooking these wonderful meals?

    To retain the enzymes that help digestion, cook on very low temperature...

    Never boiling, enzymes as well as vitamins are destroyed...

    Low crockpot cooking or low microwave cooking like Defrost temperature is good... even though it may take longer...

    Better yet eat raw if possible like seeds, and nuts, sprouts of course...

    I love everything on this list except for beets, and grapefruit...

    Black beans, corn tortillas, Goats milk, and goat cheese, smoked turkey or chicken sausage, blueberries and other berries, too!

    And I could live on hominy grits with butter and cheese, salt Mmmmmmmmmm.
  7. I noticed honey and vinegar were listed on two separate posts. But, my family used to take (or sip slowly) of honey, mixed in vinegar/water and a little sweetner or sugar. Make it kinda thick. At least one shot glass/day. It's good for colds and for keeping them away. Probably has lots of other anemities too.

    And nothing is as good for a cold as onion toast. Saute cut-up sweet onions in butter until they are clear. Use plenty of butter to use as cough syrup later. Cook over low heat. Butter toast and pile cooked onions on top. Mmmmm!

    What's this I remember about Milk and Honey in the Bible? Anyone know?
  8. Hey , you all. Great lists .... not much to add except porrage in the morning. I love to make my oatmeal porrage with skim milk instead of water and put dried cranberries and cinnomon in for sweetness and flavour and then the ultimate .......

    You warm maple syrup and put that on..... Yummmm !!!

    Everything natural and good for you.

  9. You're incredible, guys!

    Dusty - here's what I have for breakfast like 90% of the time.

    Protein shake:

    1 cup oatmeal (quick, unflavored)
    1 scoop whey protein
    1 tablespoon natty peanut butter
    1 teaspoon cocoa powder
    1.5 cups coffee
    1 packet Equal

    Stick it in a blender and whooooosh! Breakfast in less than a minute!:)

    You guys see the price of Almonds lately? Yeeeesh! What are they made of, gold? Any good alternatives with the same protein/o3 fatty acids but less cost?

    Boiled eggs for lunch. I love them! They don't always love me, though!:(

    Keep them coming! I'm also studying on scripture on how to eat, thanks to Pastor Gary for that one. There's so much to learn I don't know if I'm going to be able to cram it all in before my time's up! Hee hee hee!:p
  10. Pay the grocery now or the dx lately:) ??? I think Salmon and Flaxseed have omega 3... Flaxseed have to be grinded to be of effect I heard recently...

    About prices... maybe you can buy in bulk, and split the cost with other people... That is what my mother-in-love use to do...
  11. Flaxseed is good - it makes a yummy topping to an extra-large chocolate sundae! :) No, really...I sometimes use flaxseed instead of natty peanut butter in the shakes.

    Right now I'm eating Frigo Cheese Heads, striped maz and cheddar string cheese. Light. *twirls his finger* it tastes Light, too. :(

    String cheese! Another one! :)

    Danon's yogurt! Tasted like paper pulp the first time, but I got used to it and like it now over others.

  12. Lunch today....Hummus, with carrots & celery. Washed down with water. I love hummus, make it myself...LOTS of garlic! My co workers hate it when I have hummus....:D
  13. "If there's anything that I like better than honey and ketchup, it's bologna and whipped cream..."

    NOW, with that said, can anyone identify the person who made that statement back in 1933 ?
  14. I'm going to take a wild guess and say...Oscar Meyer?

    Breakfast: 'nother protein shake. They're quick and easy.

    For lunch I'm gonna have...lemme see (digs in bag)...hard-boiled eggs, spinach (leaves - salad), almonds, and some 98% fat-free jerky. Hey, it's the Indian in me, okay? LOL:D
  15. Jerky? or Dry meat? Love jerky, can't stand dry meat! Blech! Pemmican is nasty too...But I do like choke cherries and fry bread(even hough it's not good for you)...

    Today is a yogurt smoothie and apples with peanutbutter...I got too many complaints yesterday about my hummus...they just don't know what they're missing!
  16. Okay - this is one of the things (Jerky, don't like dried meat!!! oh, my! It's the best stuff in the world, like dried salmon, mmmm! has to be salted, though, hee hee hee, but anyway) I just don't understand...what is hummus?

    See, it's like something that everybody in the world knows but me. Sometimes do you just feel out of the loop? :eek:
  17. It's a a dip. made out of Chick Peas (aka garbanzo beans)...It smells because I put so much garlic in it...but it's low in calories and high in fiber & protein...I make my own so I control what goes into it.

    If my DH didn't care for the dry meat, I'd send it all to you...we were given a barrel of itby his cousins...venison dry meat...I guess the deer ate too much sage...because that's what it tastes like to me.
  18. Wow...who made it? I've never tasted dried meat that was like sage. Usually, we butcher and then cut into strips. Sometimes the meat is packed in a barrel of salt, other times it's hanged to dry in the smokehouse.

    Plain and natural. You know, Indians don't like to use a lot of ingredients, I don't know why. When I make spaghetti, I have a long list of potions it seems like.

    This hummus sounds interesting. I need to try it. I like to try all kinds of new foods...but one time I almost got sick in a chinese restaurant in Eugene when I was trying soushi for the first time. *blech!*

    They had little candles on the table, and my friends were cracking up when I was holding my soushi over the flame to cook it.:eek:

    It's amazing how different people like different things, huh? Diverse cultures, various foods. What's yummy to one can be hard to swallow for another. It's a blessing, really.:)

    I'm just glad not everybody's like me!:p I'd be quarelling with myself constantly! hee hee hee
  19. Whirlwind; The quote in post # 13 is attributed to Curly Howard, one of the Three Stooges, from one of their short subject films in 1933. This was during the worst part of the US Depression Era (1929-1938) and the film that they made dealt with getting part time jobs as dishwashers in a Diner. As the plates would come back from the counters and booths, the Three Stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe, would eat the remnants of what was left over because they had very little income or food of their own. In a sarcasm style, Curly looked at what he was about to eat and said, "If there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it's bologna and whipped cream." This was a reference to the hard times in the US at that time and the scarcity of proper meals for those with low or no income.

    While we eat our meals today, we should reflect upon what we have ourselves, and what very little some others may have somewhere in the world or even in our own country. We can then appreciate a bit more as to what a joy it was in 1933 to have "honey and ketchup as well as bologna and whipped cream " or anything at all, for that matter, to just get by...

  20. It's from NE Montana - Fort Peck rez...the badlands...they just butcher the deer & hang the thin strips in the sun to dry...I think I would like t if it were less fatty and sagey (is that a word?)...cause I love jerky plain...just a little salt.

    my Hummus recipe:

    1 can garbanzo beans
    1/4 cup olive oil
    1 bulb roasted garlic
    1/4 t salt
    grind beans in a blender with all ingredients until a firm paste...add more oil or water if needed to complete the grinding process...chill serve with veggies or chips. Makes about 2-1/2 cups

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