Sherman: The Ruthless Victor - Book Review

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  1. I found this an interesting read - especially since I'm from the South and Sherman was a General in the Union Army during the Civil War. This is a small volume but an interesting biographical look at this man and this time in the history of the United States.
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  2. Sherman marched his men past Stone Mountain in his campaign, I learned as I served at Ft. Benning. as he led his men into the vicinity a lone Rebel soldier stood on top cursing the Yankees and shaking his fist. Sherman sent his best, most decorated, trooper up to kill him and the fight lasted, in plain sight, for less that thirty seconds before the Yank was tumbling, dead, to the bottom. Sherman, upset, sent his best platoon of New York Regulars up the backside to kill the Rebel and in less than two minutes, the last man, the Platoon Sergeant tumbled to the bottom mortally wounded... all of his men already in a heap at the bottom and dead.

    Sherman, now red faced, grabbed the Sergeant by his uniform and shaking him like a rag doll screamed at him, ¨What is wrong with you people?¨ The sergeant, with his last breath said, ¨It´s a trap, there are two of them!
  3. By reading the book I learned he was a troubled man. If your story of him is accurate, it just proves it. But I do sense a bit of humor at the end.
  4. Well, being a Rebel, both by birth and attitude you can bet that the Civil War has not ended, we´re just resting.

    Iǘe dona a small amount of study on Gen. Sherman also and while my post was tongue in cheek he was a great man with a very troubled spirit. I hope that others will take you que and read the book but it seems to me that we are teaching ignorance to our school kids today.

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