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Sharpie Tattoo!

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by AllieWi, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Ok so I draw a new sharpie tattoo on my wrist almost every day because I don't want a real one...check out my newest one. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395812870.968892.jpg

  2. My Daughter draws on herself also. ummm... She likes those water tattoo's. Bout all I can say about that.
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  3. Haha I've been doing it since I was little too..;-) I know I'm a weirdo!
  4. Michael Card has a tattoo of Chesed חסד (loving kindness, mercy, grace) on his right wrist. He showed it to me. His daughter has it on her left.
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  5. Neat-O ! Hebrew letters are beautiful. How do you text in Hebrew?
  6. I'm thinking about getting this tattooed on my hamstrings "חיבוק דוב"
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  7. HEHE I guess you love bears :)
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  8. Whats that scar Allie?
  9. I think you love bears too.
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  10. I noticed too, but too scared to ask.
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  11. I cut myself up before I was saved... It was weird because I was a cheerleader and all popular.. I hid it from everyone. I lived a double life. Depressed and suicidal on the inside...happy life of the party on the outside. Hmm.. God had bigger plans for this girl.
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  12. Lol don't be skered.. My life's an open book
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  13. There is a reason I noticed..
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  14. Well I wanted someone to notice my pain back then...My family is really good with the being happy and really bad with the feeling sad... Keep smiling everybody! And straighten that sock drawer!
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