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Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by Bryan, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I have a hobby of creating music/video to encourage people with God's love. Here are a couple projects. And I was just wondering if anyone else gets into this kind of thing. If so, please post. I'd love to see them.

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  2. Did you make these? They're Great!
  3. Yeah! I grew up with a lot of music involvement, but since I graduated from high school, I couldn't find a creative outlet, so I decided just to start sharing with the world any inspiration that comes my way.
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  4. I'm real picky with my Christian music....I like yours.
    My wife, who is blind, wants me to teach her how to sing "Abide with Me" after hearing your version.
  5. Well, I am definitely thankful that they sound good to someone!
  6. 2 "someones"
  7. Awesome!!

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