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  1. Note to the guys.....
    If you find your self out trying to find this springform pan on Christmas Eve....
    Check your local grocery store.
    Rotfl.....9.99 pluss tax.
    Hint......every place else won't have it. Don't waste your time.
    I yi yi......but I got one
    Merry Christmas
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  2. Hey Cturtle,

    I made the shortbread cookies. I followed Ina's recipe and I got the results I wanted by using granulated sugar than the confectioner's sugar I used before. Once I prepared them, I let them cool and dipped half of each cookie in some melted caramel and let it set. Then I coated the caramel by dipping in melted white chocolate. They are the most delicious cookie. I only had half of one because its not something I can eat without spiking my sugar up. But my husband loves white chocolate so that's how I made them. I would have dipped in the caramel, then milk chocolate and sprinkled some chopped pecans on them if I was preparing them for me lol. But yes, that is a very good shortbread cookie recipe. Definitely a keeper.
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  3. Oh how awesome! Glad God led me to it :).
    I will have to make them someday.
    I made the deep dish Carmel apple pie...and it was pretty good.

    Thanks for letting me know that they turned out. Your additions of Carmel and chocolate and pecans sound great!

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  4. I think I may have to make that

    Now, I like apple pie with a slice of cheese melted on top. Yum Yum
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  5. Pretty Good? just got done saying I wish I could make this for my mom and her friend and send it.
    If you scrape that bowl any more you won't need to wash it.
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  6. I know many who do. I think my dad did, or at least used to say it was a Wisconsin thing :) or something like that.

    It tasts very sweet, but in all honesty there is only 1 1/4 cups + 6 Tbsp. of sugar in it (I left the sugar out of the crust) and I used only about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon instead of pumpkin pie spice. And I also used the organic evaporated cane sugar instead of white sugar.

  7. Well, actually I got putting a slice of cheese on my apple pie from my grandmother. She would always put a slice of cheese on her apple pie. I use to think, "that just don't look appetizing at all" until she had me try it one time and I was hooked.

    By me being diabetic, I would definitely cut back on some of the sugar in the recipe but I am definitely going to try it as it looks like a delicious recipe.
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