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  1. Shalom to all the brothers and Sisters of Heavenly Kingdom of Our Father Yaweh and His Precious Son Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    My name is Boniface, i am 32 living in Norway with my wife and 4 Kids...I been saved since i was 11, but Only in the Last 6 Years i realy started to Understand Love of God for me, I Strongly believe in the Grace of God revealed through His Son Jesus Christ, I have a deep Passion for the Endtimes infact i considere myself a student of the Endtimes...I believe there is a calling for the ministry and i ask everyone who read this post to pray for me for that matter if you will. My love for the endtimes led me to create this website
    I wish to be a blessing for the church in this blog May the Lord blesses you all amen.
    PS: Roman 5 is my favourit chapter of the bible, Please take the time to read it again and again and again, it will never stop to bless you Amen!!!
  2. G'day Mate from up here in Australia.

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  3. Dear brother be bless, what does mean what u just wrote?
  4. Hello Calvin, i see you are from australia, im looking forward to visit your country, probably for Hillsong Conference, be bless brother!!!
  5. "Howdy": short for 'How do you do?' with the same context meaning of 'Hello, How are you?' -or- just plain "Hello" when you are in the South of the USA. :D
  6. lool, ok got it...i learned something realy nice to meet you looking forward to know you better by the way im not in USA but norway so my english is not so good...:) be bless
  7. Your English is better than my Norwegian! ;)
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  8. HI!!!!!! :D I hope you like it heeeere! <3
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  9. One of my friends from college is from Norway :)
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