Shalom my brother, my sister ...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by ChristieLaure, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Shalom my brother, my sister ...

    What could I say about myself, what is it that gives us an identity?
    Our age? 55 since yesterday.. But well .. I'm free for the concept of "ages" ..
    Our status? I am married, and have 3 kids in their twenties.. No grandkids yet..
    Our beliefs? I belong to Jesus, like you all .. Like required on this forum..

    A picture, maybe? let's see.. ;)
    This is one that has been taken yesterday, at the opportunity of my birthday. I'm holding 2 candles: 2 times "5".., they were on the cake.
    Why would I join you? I'm looking for fellowship.. I usually feel quite lonely, and that's why I'm looking for a warm forum ..
    Let's try for the picture..
  2. Welcome aboard, take a chair, and enjoy your stay.
  3. :dance:W :dance:E:dance:L:dance:C:dance:O:dance:M:dance:E:dance:
  4. Welcome Murfsgirl=Jesuslittledoe

    So… is there something we can call you for short? My spell checker is confused. :D
  5. Welcome Sister! Happy Birthday!
    Shalom, May YHVH anoint you with many blessings.
  6. Thank you everyone.. !!! :israel:
    Be indulgent with me about my English, as it is not my native language.. (it's French and I am a Belgian).
    Well, you can call me Christie, if you prefer..
    Where would I click for changing my username? :)
  7. You don’t have to change your user name.
    I was thinking more along the lines of “Murf” or “Little doe” or “MJ”
    Don’t want anything that would be offensive to you or that you don’t like.
    And for the most part… I was just funnin.

    Be blessed
  8. my picture is me and my fiance...

    I am american and only speak american. :)
  9. This is a kind reply, Dean.. Thank you.. Well then, let's say "Little doe".
    Hey, this is a nice forum.. My very first one in English and.. christian !! Oh, praise the Lord !!
  10. :welcome:
  11. Welcome Murfsgirl:

    Glad you found your way here. Looking forward to your posts.

    Jesus Love,
  12. What a nice pic! Welcome to the forum!:)
  13. You all are nice!! I'll try to come more often, to be less busy.. Cuz' I wish to discover this christian forum..
    And you know what? I like those smileys .. :heart:
  14. You won't be lonely here. :israel:
  15. Little Doe, I like that name! Welcome! I used to be a "newbie" (that's what a new person is called), but I think I'm not anymore. :confused: :p

    You are going to love this forum! I surrendered my life to Christ on this forum! And I have learned soooo much! I loved your pic. I wish all of us posted our pics more often.

    How did you find us? I know . . . God led ya!
  16. Welcome to the forum.
  17. Thank you Jon-Marc..
    Oh, Sweetsurrender, I had been addicted, in my country here in Belgium, to a "pet's" forum, but I was chocked by some blasphemes and jokes about the Lord.. I defended my "Daddy" and they kicked me out.. lol.. because of "christian talking" they couldn't bear.. I mostly think it's the Lord who pulled me out of it...
    Then I felt very lonely and I looked on the internet in google for a "christian forum"..and I found this one... :smile_anim:

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