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  1. I recently configured my Google News with custom categories. Now I get all feeds on Christianity related news from all over the world. I was just lazy to set this up for a long time. I am coming across so many articles worth reading. So bear with me as I flood CFS with variety of topics :D

    I don't know why the title of this news calls it "surprise". This is what we all have been screaming for a long time. Clearly shows the sexual immorality tolerance (or acceptance) of liberalists..
  2. It doesn't really surprise me. One thing I'd be tempted to point out, though, is that I would wager that the actual participation in that kind of immorality is fairly constant, its just that people have gotten really tired of hypocrisy. I'm not sure advocating sin is any better than hypocrisy, but I think that's where it stems from.

    The thing is, there is a good reason why all of those things are immoral. Pornography engenders lust and has been shown to make a person's partner seem less attractive. Sex outside marriage carries all kinds of consequences, but chief among these is that it lacks the covenant of marriage and leaves someone without security. It also degrades what is suppose to be a very deep bond with one's partner, and many people who have been promiscuous later regret their actions because it made rediscovering that deep bond very painful. Infidelity is bad because it is a form of deception and divorce because it breaks apart families. Abortion, for obvious reasons.

    Though, as to divorce, the description was rather vague. Most Christians do not universally and unequivocally condemn divorce. If both people are truly miserable and they have tried every avenue of reconciliation, most of us would not judge a divorcee. We just don't like seeing divorce to hasty, and kids should always come first. It should also be noted that infidelity and divorce are far more likely if one or both of the parties were promiscuous and/or do not thing promiscuity is immoral.
  3. I agree with your point.. Divorce is quite sensitive.. It is only fair to say every case should be looked individually and not put things in a generic bracket..
  4. "Surprise: Christians Reject Christian Teaching about Sex and Marriage"

    There fixed it for the National Review.
  5. Yes. Unfortunately a lot of people get into it with unrealistic expectations. It is in truth a form of self-sacrifice and not one of self-gratification. When you get into it for the latter, your in for a really rough time. And still, most people don't realize just how much you end up having to sacrifice. That's why couples fight so much about money--they realize just how much they love their own money.

    Unfortunately, Christians today do have a rather distorted view of sex, a lot of them are willing to condone fornication as long as it is not promiscuous. There is sort of an argument for that, but the idea is that you want to respect yourself and your body which necessarily means that you don't cheapen yourself for less than a lifelong covenant.
  6. When have Christians EVER not have a distorted view?

    Adultery and fornication has been there throughout all periods since Christendom came to be.

    It is not just a recent invention.
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  7. Fair enough.
  8. Greetings:

    This gives me the feeling that Satan wouldn't even take a vacation trip here.I wonder if demons wear chastity belts.

  9. This either sounds like a line from a Mark Twain poem or a one-liner from comedian Steven Wright.
  10. I tend to disagree with statistics. It seems all to often that there is an agenda behind obtaining them that leans toward corruption; perhaps to sway the masses and/or get negative reactions.
  11. Some say 86% of the statistics are made up.. You know..
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  12. I've heard 3 out of every 2 people have trouble with fractions.
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  13. This is interesting. I had the same story come up in my Facebook link just two days ago, posted by a conservative watchdog group:


    Obviously it comes from completely the other side, but if what it says is true, then the findings are problematic. Most problematic to me is that the author, Mark Regenrus, is discredited - even by his own sociology department.
  15. I agree. Seems to me that we are against sex outside of marriage until it comes to one of our children, then...........

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