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  1. i meet a guy at church, we started dating. We get along very well, but there is obvisouly a very strong physical attraction. We started hanging out in his room and things eventually got out of hand, and we have engaged in sexual activity (not actual intercoursetho) on quite a few occasions. I eventually said i didnt think it was right, and he actually agreed with me, but since then we have gone back to it.

    I know this kinda of activity is wrong, and am trying to stop. But i even feel it is wrong to be so physically attracted to each other as christians?! But i guess this is normal and healthy, we are only human after all? one cannot help being attracted to someone? is this lust? can we make the relationship work?

    please help any advice from fellow christians on this matter, or people who have been in my situation.
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  2. Everyone ever married has been in your situation ;) .

    You are simply disrespecting God and your body:oops: . If you loved the Lord you would put the flesh under until marriage.
    Why do you want to have sex before marriage :confused:? Think about it. If you are unsure about marrying the guy, you are playing with fire! You could have his baby or get as emotional connected (soul ties) as you possibly can. People who don't sleep around, get attached!!

    If he is the right guy.... get married. If you don't want to marry him, why are you with him? Can't control yourself until marriage?.... make courting shorter. Don't have money for marriage? Now that is an issue. I got engaged and we 'fought to hang in there' until I had a reasonable amount saved.

    Good luck! Praying for you!
  3. don't hang out in the room. If you can avoid the temptation, you can avoid the sin. The long term solution is to get married.
  4. Have you ever read what the bible fathers got up to with there wifes and sex slaves. And your worried about getting frisky with someone you love. Your doing better than david and solomen did.
  5. Agreed but that is still not good enough in God's eyes according to the 10 commandments. We are not to use Bible fathers as examples, even they made mistakes because they were only human... ONLY JESUS is to be used as our example!!! Amen!! :)
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  6. Yes, and I also read about the trouble such activities brought them. I have read many posts over the years of the troubles and entanglements people got themselves into because they failed to temper their emotions with prudence. It is a huge red flag to me that this guy, even though he agrees that what they are doing is wrong, continues to do it, failing to control himself and failing to protect Polo.
  7. Theres no comdemnation in christ. Your not under the law and sin, but live in freedom in christ.
  8. And sin leads to bondage again. A "get out of jail free" card is of little value if the person receiving it never walks out of the prison gates into the sunshine. Calling sin "sin" and exhorting someone to avoid it is not condemnation, anymore than posting a sign that says "DANGER! Quicksand" brings condemnation on those who are being instructed to keep their feet on solid ground.
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  9. Fighting against your own flesh to remain on the narrow path is insanely difficult. It seems monstrously unfair. I know this from experience. That we should ever have to fight against our own flesh --and what it wants-- is indicative of just how narrow the narrow path really is.

    I think I have a pretty good idea of what you're going through, Polo.
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  10. I thought about what i said and in its self it is wrong. Jesus the lord is the standard in these matters. But he does understand our weakness. It does not make our sins acceptable, but it makes us sure of his grace.
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  11. Anything before marriage is going to cheapen you, and you are worth more than that. Hang in there- and remember....... God loves you, he has a plan for your life- so why go mess it up with not walking in his will?
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  12. Trust me... I know it's hard to fight temptation but if you truly are a Believer, wait till marriage. We are living to please God. Don't hang out in the room... or if anything, pray! God will give you the strength to fight the urge. And if this guy you are with can't accept that you want to wait till marriage, well then... he isn't a man of Christ.
    I always said I would wait till marriage (I made this promise when I was an unbeliever). Sadly, I was tempted and I gave 'myself away' to a guy whom I am very much in love with. We promised on getting married anyway... so I thought, why not? We are still to this day together, but not sure what we have at the moment. The thing is, on this earth, promises can be broken. But LORDS promise can't be broken. Now, that I am saved, I have realized that I should have saved myself for marriage.
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  13. If you obey God first-good things will happen.

    Disobey-well, like Rumely said-sin bondage.

    Repent, confess, pray, fellowship with other women AND DON"T BE ALONE WITH ANY DUDE>>>EVER!

    Jesus still loves you.
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  14. Please tell me why God allowed for this?
  15. Did you read all my post on this matter, I repented for what I said. So theres no need to give an answer to something that is wrong.
  16. "Have you ever read what the bible fathers got u sex slaves. And your worried about getting frisky with someone you love. Your doing better than david and solomen did."

    Well Chris, did you read the question I was referring to? Clearly not, or you would have noticed that I was referring to what you mentioned about the bible (fathers and sex slaves). Let us not get defensive now. I sense that is coming from somewhere else internally.

  17. Fyi, I forgot to mention initially, that I completely agree with this statement.

    Fyi, #2, as a natural human of error, I glossed over Rumely's comment about how they eventually "paid" for their mistakes because of what happened to them.

    Again, I was NOT talking about you and your mistakes.
  18. Do you think I was being defensive, I think you are right. (Sorry)

    But as for your original question, I can only guess at why God allowed a lot of what happened with the bible fathers. If I was going to take a guess I would say, maybe heavenly father chooses not to change to much about a peoples culture, because by doing so he may inadvertently destroy his plan of salvation.
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  19. There is a heart issue that is causing you to continually engage in activities you don't want to.
    My advice? At my church it is always open to go to my church leaders and ask for prayer.
    Or ask God to help you identify the reason you keep going against your hearts desire.]
    *Also it is best to avoid temptation... Such as being alone with a guy.
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  20. you are backsliding slowly but surely.

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