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  1. See? It got YOUR attention, too! :D
  2. bit silly,we know about advertisements and the gottcha factor,they only prey on young people,very sick people.
  3. God learns us not humans.
  4. I'm sorry, SC...I'm just in a silly mood today. It's Friday and I finally get a weekend off and I feel like Cinderella at the...

    errr...I feel like a mighty hunter who has just scored an elk! Yeah, that's how I feel!

  5. lol never mind,but i know tou feel frustrated.
  6. Those meatballs should take that sign down.
  7. pragmatism once again strikes the church.
  8. Hey we all have our silly days. We wouldn't be normal if we didn't . It's just that some have them more often than others.... LOL:D:D:D:D:D

  9. He he he...

    uh-oh...having another one of those days again. Is it fair for me to have two in a row?

  10. My Church is the kind of Church that confronts Controversial topics. we have Sex sermons every once and awhile. A few weeks ago we had PORN SUNDAY sponsered by the anti porn ministry. it was awsome. But we did not have a sign up for it. we had TV commercials late at night all over Oklahoma. I got to it is fantastic. I Love a church that tackles the hard stuff
  11. I saw on Bloopers the other night:

    "This Sunday, the church will be discussing the topic of Porn, with many examples that everyone is sure to enjoy!"

    I just bust out laughing, and it reminded me of this...:eek:

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