Sex Changes Paid With Medicare

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  1. I bet if I had a Delorean to go back in time 100 years ago, and tell people about these future events.. It'd be like me telling nonbelievers today there is going to be locust that look like horses with man faces that will torture people.. It just sounds crazy.
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  2. I like how insurance companies will pay for your partners insurance if you are gay and not married but if I had a female roommate (which i would never do haha) I couldn't get insurance for her because we aren't married.
  3. I guess technically they would have to (to be consistent) if you and your roommate were for some reason unable to get married but you identified yourselves as 'domestic partners'. The world is making God so angry...crazy to think about what's on the horizon.
  4. This makes no sense to me. Are they saying gay couples last longer and are safer?
  5. I believe it is a matter of 'equality'.
  6. As an insurance company I would think they would care more about risk, but I guess not.
  7. Yeah, when I found this out with my previous employer I was pretty upset. My employer now does the same thing.
  8. Personally I think the health insurance industry is a huge scam and unnecessary, but I digress. They were all about assessing risk, that's why they weren't taking people with preexisting conditions until the government stepped in. I don't know if they could assess the risk of someone strictly for being gay, although it would make sense seeing as though the majority of their partnerships are not monogamous and they are more likely to contract STD's including aids.
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  10. I think there are places/clinics in California where drug addicts can go to get 'clean' needles to shoot up with. Maybe Where can confirm.
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    This whole thing is just SICK! It makes me furious and SAD.
    It aint about equality it's bout a bunch of dummys changing the creation of God
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  12. Yea Where, you need to answer for this behavior!...:mad:
  13. Oh, I agree with you brother! I was just pointing out the thing our country calls 'equality'. It is very sad indeed.
  14. The reason they have these clinics is because they figure they're going to do it either way.. So mine as well give them a safe place and clean needles.
  15. Or it could just empower them to use more often and spread more dirty needles all over the place?
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    Opinions seem to vary but the for arguments which I'd be inclined to agree with include. a) It reduces the risk of infections such as Aids being transmitted via shared needles and b) when operated on a one for one basis, it reduces the likelihood of needles being carelessly discarded.
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  17. Seems to be some mixed results, and not sure of the wisdom of such a program?
  18. Think of it like a nicotine patch
  19. Aint that to help a person STOP...smoking?...:p

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