Severe Winter Weather

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  1. Severe Winter Weather

    Keep track of the weather in the area where you are. Its been real bad going all across the USA with ice and snow. They said to even be prepared for power outages. I pray its not like last year. There was so much damage in some states it looked like a war zone 1000s didn't have power for weeks.
  2. I pray it will not be like that also.

    Stay safe everyone and please be so carful if you must go out. May God protect you all!

  3. Amen!

    They said it shouldn't be as bad, but some places so far is a mess.
  4. Active Watches and Warnings

    Anyone reading this thread can use the link below for current USA Active Watches and Warnings as well as Advisories. Click on your local area for interactive information -

    Active Watch/Warnings - NOAA's National Weather Service

    Today, the central USA is under significant weather advisories for severe weather and ice - please bookmark the URL above for future reference...
  5. Hello My wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ
    I am still thawing out from the radical Ice storm that hit
    power finally was restored so I am happy about that
    I decided literally to visit Florida LOL
    it is a chilly 41 this morning but sure beats 14
    I hope the Febuary fury subsides this next week
    and for the duration of winter
    Ive seen enough snow to last me a life time LOL
    glad to be back on
  6. Praying for EVERYONE affected!

    Please be careful and stay safe.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. For our forum friends in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida -

    More Snow and freezing rain will be in your neighborhood through the weekend in places. Please review watches and warnings for your area in the interactive site below from NOAA. Be safe and plan ahead...

    Active Watch/Warnings - NOAA's National Weather Service
  8. another snow

    :smiley50: sorry to report yet another 2 to 4 inches for mountains :smiley170: I sure hope it subsides otherwise not even 4 wheel will work so well . Ok Im not taking another snow so well it sure goofs up my travel plans :smiley170: I can cry here about getting there it wont freeze on my face :smiley10:
  9. your so right about that part thats why Im being a bit over emotional

    we were lucky to get power restored as soon as we did

    however the real dilema is many elderly only rely on electric and are in big trouble should power be lost

    hypothermia only takes 3 to 6 hours to set in ,and people literally do die from it

    I had a wood burning stove through the ice storm and could still get water from a spring so all was cozy and well

    I was very concerned for others who were not so prepared and I pray the weather gets warmer

    once power is lost I will go on watch in case any one needs rescued I hope for the best

    a lot of the needed supplies for keeping the roads clear is severely diminished and you all know Washington takes presidence

    so most won't be traveling anywhere if more snow is to come

    things go by population so the lower populated communities and counties will be last to get cleared roads
  10. Elijah's Mantle
    I posted that a couple of weeks ago. The good thing is most of that is over now.
  11. the once again part is a re-accuring problem

    :smiley50: not for some of the higher elevations Im afraid to tell you :smiley170:

    2 to 4 inches more
    and many of the folks who lost power in the ice storm just got power restored the whole state up here was declared a state of emergency and the dwindling supply of salt is diminished even more since Washington's big blast . It is over for the folks who watch TV and see the over all part of whats happening but unfortunately NOT for the locals in higher elevations of the mountains . :smiley170: they have almost decided to re-name themselves the lost frozen chosen :smiley170: so for those who dont live it yes it was weeks ago now for those still suffering the weather the yet again part gets some what hard after most have figured lives resumed as normal weeks ago ..... Not true for some unfortunately
  12. Yes it was and still is bad for some. What I meant was there were places that kept getting hit with it for over 2 weeks now. Some getting three FEET of snow. Even a few on here have had a rough month. So its not as bad now as it was but still snowing alot many places
  13. the only reason by the way I was even able to post a post is because I finally traveled out of the state of emergency
    sorry have not been able to be of more help in the helper arena but the circumstances was non-permissive and I am sorry if any are
    sore at me because I was unable to be of more use to you all here on the Helper part since I was supposed to be one
    but now seemingly yes your right that part is restricted to me now so yes I guess its over
    Its not my fault most never understood here there was a state of emergency that affected some areas very badly
    and as I tell you ,the only reason I can get back on is due to traveling out side my home area
    so it would have been good if I could have known in advance and told you but that is not how things turned out
  14. I realize most folks are scratching there head because apparently they dont realize I moved
    725 miles and am no longer a sun dried Floridian
    need to change my loc in profile so no one gets major confused
  15. No I didn't know you were not in FL. I realize and was even watching for certain ones and locations here knowing their electicity could go off without notice. I was in that boat before. Mine tried to go off too a few times under all the layers of ice and lots of snow got a couple weeks. We've been having prayer for some in prayer requests. Praise the Lord your power is back on! And you are back on
  16. We are in prayer as of this writing. It's incredible how we hear about the weather conditions and a minute later go back to what we were thinking about. When we suffered the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco it was a wakeup call, especially when it happens in your own backyard, amen?

    Thank you for the update.

    Your brother in Christ Jesus.

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