Seventh Day Slumber

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by Mark_18, May 27, 2009.

  1. Seventh Day Slumber

    Gonna see them on Friday. Woooo!

  2. awesome bro!
    I have a frony row ticket to casting crowns, but nowi ca't go cause my sis decided it wasn't somethin we sould go to, semight be right, but i reaaallly like them!! to bad, ah wel. have a ball!!!!
  3. Thanks.

    WHAT?! Why wouldn't you go?
  4. i will not drive on the interstate, and i trust her driving, so no way i am goin alone or with anyone i haven't ridden with several times lol. i have an aweful fear of the interstate, it's crazy though, they have great music andi see nothin wrong with it.
  5. do you mean you don't trust her driving?

    My dad and brother are gonna come too!!
  6. very cool! I pray ya'll get an amazing blessin bro!
  7. Looks like someone doesn't want us to ignite the city....

    "IMPORTANT CONCERT UPDATE: Due to transportation difficulties (the bus for Seventh Day Slumber broke down in Nashville), the Ignite the City event will not, unfortunately, be occuring this Friday. We are currently looking at alternate dates for this event. PLEASE CHECK BACK REGULARLY, OR VISIT IGNITE107.COM FOR UPDATES. Check out KIROS & LOST IN TRANSMISSION @ PARK THEATRE, FRI @ 7PM"
  8. We plan to go to 7th Day Slumber at a later date, but tonight we're still gonna go to a CD release party for a band called Lost in Transmission. Kiros will be there and some other guests.

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