Seven Dangerous Travel Destinations

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  1. I've been to two of the seven - Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe - and not felt particular danger in either. The Southern Philippines, where we were accompanied everywhere by a guard with an AK47 over his shoulder, and Nepal, where armed soldiers and rebels were everywhere, were much more threatening.


  2. Hmmmmm.

    Somehow, being accompanied by a guard with an AK would make me feel all safe and warm. :D

  3. Ha ha .... Somehow I will save my money and stay home . :p:p
  4. Well I'm uncomfortable staying somewhere other then my own house, So I don't see it likely I'll have to worry about visiting any of these places. :D

    Though I do hope to visit some battlegrounds in Europe if I ever get the chance.
  5. Our best friends just got back from Germany the other day.
    They had a great time, the pictures are incredible.

    I'm not big on traveling myself, having spent most of my life on the road, I'm pretty sick of it, but I wouldn't mind Germany.

    They toured Auschwits-Birkenau while they were there.
    Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. I don't think I would have gone on that part of the trip.
  6. Those are not pretty sites for sure .I visited there many years ago .... well to date myself , it was when the Berlin wall was still in existence . That was also a heartwrenching experience . But for sure Auschits was pretty grim .

    When I was in Israel last year we went to their museum and they had all the holicost pictures and information and even live testimonies . I could not take it all . I was very distraught by it all .

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