Settling in~

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Settling in~


    Summer is coming to an end.
    I'm wondering what all of you do to prepare for settling in for the chilly autumn nights and the winter ahead~

  2. I already have plenty of firewood. Now it's time to start planting the garden (all of the fall planted stuff).
  3. Roughly September 15 to December 15 in the northern climate areas of our Chapel locations is our favorite time of year. Some of you know about our 'Cathedral of the Pines' outdoor prayer service venue in the northenmost part of Wisconsin. How joyous it is to sit on a felled log with the temperature at 38 degrees, looking out over a rustic lake with mist rising because the water temperature is warmer than the air temperature. Listening to wedges of high flying geese migrating south. Listening to the winds whispering in the tops of the 160 foot White Pines and watching the squirrels gathering winter food while chattering instructions to their families. Seeing the very last of the leaves falling off the oak, maple and aspen trees and walking through the fallen leaves that make up a multicolored carpet. Just relaxing and taking in all the sights, the sounds and the smells and having it so quiet at times, that all you can hear is your own heart beating.

    Autumn in the northern hemisphere can be a real joy for the senses... so it is here in our back yard ( at least this part of the year. )
  4. We live in an apartment down south, so I am not able to plant a fall garden anymore as I did when I had a house, and the cold air doesn't begin to arrive until around late October (or later). But to prepare, I go through everyone's wardrobe, pulling out things too small and season inappropriate. Then I pull out the sweaters and fill their drawers with winter clothing. I make sure all the winter blankets are available and clean after being stored all year. I make sure everyone has tennis shoes that fit, instead of just their summer sandals, and socks to go with them. I make sure the air filter is changed out and ready for the heater in the winter. (We have electric heat.) Other than these things, we are pretty much good to go. Every October we go to the Pumpkin patch and bring home pumpkins for decorating and cooking. Also in the fall and winter there are several occasions for celebrating our heritage at various festivals. Fall and Winter are two of may favorite seasons.
  5. I just check the heater and make sure it's working-:D

  6. Pastor Gary..... What a beautiful vision and as I was reading your wonderful way of putting the description to gether , I could almost visualize what youposted and just sat here thinking ..... What a beautiful place . I would love to see that.

    Yes God's nature is spectacular in the Fall as all the trees put on their coats of splendar. for their colours of red orange and yellow . Wow.!!... How could any one think for one moment that God does not exist?

    Even just today , I was watching a little humming bird that had come into my back yard. That little bird facinates me with all its moves , like as little helecopter. God's Nature is perfect . And fall is without a doubt one of the most spectacular seasons. Thanks for your memories.
  7. When it snows, I love to see it, I love to take walks in it and play in it~ I don't like to travel in it!
    One thing I like to do is make sure I have plenty of ingredients stocked up for chili, potato soup, chicken stew, hot cocoa, etc.....

  8. I guess we are replacing our front door soon!
    The cold air blew through there big time last winter;
    even with rugs against it.


  9. I know we're not supposed to be envious, but I really am! We rarely have any snow here at all and when we do it doesn't last! I LOVE the fall and winter months. There's just something really special about curling up in front of a fire, getting your house decked out for Christmas and making comfort food. I get out my Christmas mugs early and we make a lot of tea with honey and lemon. I can't wait for this year's TG and X-mas! We have a lot to celebrate as a family now that both my girls are legally my girls!

  10. Well, Bookworm, you sound like you have it together!!!
    I LOVE autumn and wish it was the longest season!

  11. The nights are getting chilly in the midwest~
    Time to bring out all the quilts and blankets!

  12. We are currently at our northern states Rectory in Wisconsin. We have snowfall in our forecast for this evening and temperatures around 29 to 34 degrees F... just a dusting of snow is in the wind, and a hard freeze to our north by 100 miles.

    Several years ago, we were at our Cathedral of the Pines location in January. We saw two guys on a snowmobile out on the well-frozen lake. The guy on the back of the snowmobile was holding a fishing rod and was dragging 200 feet of line behind him on the ice. When they got back to shore, I asked them what they were doing... one of them said, "Trolling"... ;)
  13. SNOW???
    Maybe just flurries, but I am not ready to see a single flake, just yet!

    Trolling? :p

  14. I wonder if I will see any snow this year- it has been coming on the average of every 8 to 10 years so I might be due!
  15. I do love the snow, just not in September!!!

  16. Hmm... Me too.;)
  17. Last time I saw snow I was standing in the Canadian Rockies on an April afternoon- curiously I was wearing a t shirt but it never really felt cold- try 30 degrees with high humidity and even your hair will be cold.
  18. I'd like to quote from my Great Grandfather Sam's journals from December 12, 1867. He was a 'Log Boss' who ran a lumber camp in the farthest reaches of northern Wisconsin in the mid 1860's. Sam was 31 years old when he wrote this. He was a typical lumberjack - 6 foot 6 inches tall and 240 pounds.


    That year, that part of the state received over 11 feet of snow from September 1866 to April 1867. Sam's journals mentioned drifts 15 feet in height and the next summer, some snow was still in the deep forest until early July.

    Violet - That's Snow!!
  19. It might have been just a tad of snow (or so).
    I was in Montana and a lady told me it had gotten so cold the year before even the old timers moved out.
  20. I'm not ready for summer to end yet, it's been in the eighties and I'm still planning on swimming in the river this weekend.

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