ServInt Webhosting Review

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Jeffin, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. ServInt Webhosting Review

    Man these guys are awesome. We are now with ServInt and their customer service is really impressive. So good you can ask them anything and they will sort it out for you. Try them for VPS or dedicated hosting needs. They will be calling me on my phone this Tuesday to explain how things work with my account. That's customer service. I am impressed. :)
  2. That's good news , Jeff . There is noting so impressive as good customer service.

    These days I find that so hard to find so when you have it stick with it .
  3. True. Most companies are cutting down on expensive and quality services. Prices are rising. Must be Global warming. :D Who cares, when Jesus comes it will be quality treatment in Heaven.
  4. They're calling you? That is service!

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