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  1. I was wondering if anyone would care to examine/study the Sermon on the Mount with me in this forum?
  2. If you start, they will follow.
  3. I wanted to ask first because I really want to know other people's thoughts on the scripture. I don't see myself as wanting to present myself as an expert. Because I'm not. I would like to learn, tho. For instance, I always wondered what "the meek shall inherit the earth." Meek as in timid? not arrrogant? or those in hiding? Meek as opposed to those who rule the world presently. Does meek mean not confident?. I have questions as you can see and I have started, perhaps, at the back of the sermon. I don't know how to establish those votes at the start of a thread - or I would have asked each viewer to vote yes or no - if they wanted to read about it too.
  4. We first hear of the sermon in Matthew 5 thru 8. There is no mention of fishes and loaves, there. I wonder if it was left out because it may have been thought to be distracting to the message. Some say that the Sermon is a synthesis of many sermons Christ gave to the multitudes. Where else is it referenced in the New Testament? It is a lot of information in one sitting. There are many many solid gold quotes in the Sermon on the Mount. Could it be said that here is the core of Christian faith?
  5. Excellent question! Would love to see the opinion of the experts.. Myself and my friend used to discuss this a lot.. We always get worried about our work culture.. Both of us are in Project Lead/Manager positions.. How do we use our authority at work? Are we supposed to be meek? We all know what would happen at work when we are meek.. But is that what is expected as a Christian irrespective of how the world would treat you? May be meek here would mean to restrain from showing authority when not really needed?
  6. Let er rip Silk!
  7. I will be honored to discuss anything with you because of two reasons.

    1. I like to talk about the Bible.
    2. You my dear are a sweet Christian person who like me does not like to argue.

    But, expert.....NO!

    so......."Does meek mean not confident?........NO!

    Blessed are the meek" comes from Psalms 37:11. The Hebrew words for "meek" and "poor" are from the same root word and we understand them to mean poverty of spirit.

    It seems to me that speaks of "humility". It is when we humble ourselves before God that we not only inherit the blessings of heaven but also will ultimately share in the kingdom of God on earth.
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  8. I hope this means you will join the "class" so to speak. It may be a silly thought to want to study this sermon but then again, we are in Bible Studies. :D
  9. God must have heard my prayers, dear friend. Hal a lou ya. (can't remember how to spell that, so sound it out :)).
    And you are right, Major - Neither of us minds civil debate and enthusiastic discussion - we just don't like "down and dirty", nasty fights that no one learns a thing from, except to avoid it in the future. There is a good way to discuss scripture, without all the usual pettiness. And it is as interesting, if not more so, than the nasty sword words we have both seen in the past.
    I always thought that the quote meant it was good to be meek. Are you saying the spiritually poor inherit the earth? It makes sense because I don't want to inherit the physical, flesh (earth) but the Kingdom of God..
  10. Go to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance with Lexicon on line and look up the Hebrew word first and then the Greek equivalent word...I have to leave right now or I would give them to you...maybe when I get back...

    In His love

    Brother Paul
  11. Please Brother - come back and explain :). I want to hear what you have to say.
  12. I wish I had edited my post better - Paragraph on "I always thought."

    But scripture says, " Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." So either I don't know what "spiritually poor" means - ok there is no or - How are the spiritually poor blessed? I must admit, I always (also) thought meek meant humble (or at least not self righteous arrogance).
  13. The question was what does “the meek shall inherit the earth” mean and to understand who the meek are, the best place to start is right here:

    The Hebrew word for meek is ‘anav means poor, humble, afflicted, meek (see Psalm 37:11) God loves those who are humble and contrite of spirit before Him…David tells us the meek shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace (shalom – completeness, wholeness, assurance, etc.,) and it ties a quality of character with a future reward (most likely when following the parousia or second coming)

    In the Greek translation of Matthew’s Hebrew the parallel word is prays or praos which means mild in disposition, gentle in spirit, and so on…a person of a quiet and lowly spirit before God
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  14. The one who is poor in spirit calls to mind one who is beggarly, in need, without worth or value before God in the eyes of the world. A great example is the publican on his face crying have mercy on me a sinner as opposed to the puffed up pharisee believing he should be noticed for his righteousness...the publican is poor in spirit knowing by no means should he deserve or be worthy and must rely on God's grace alone to be saved...the funny thing to me is, the closer I get to God the more I realize my utter unworthiness apart from Christ and the fact that I know that I know I am His child (by grace through faith) I am ever more grateful of His incomprehensible love...

    In His love

    Brother Paul
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    I'm not a scholar, but I always took it to mean humble.
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  16. Brother Paul, I love your way with words. And I get that we don't deserve, haven't earned and are not worthy of God's unconditional love. (BTW, Loved the publican/pharisee comparison). And I can get down with humbleness, in the face of God's Awesomeness. Meek, conjures to me (wuss comes to mind), I dunno, somewhat cowardly. I woke from a dream, where I was with a group of people, using gifts from God, to get out from the control, at first, just the "powers that be", but later, pure evil. While they beat, demeaned, and tried to use my gift from God, I acted meek, menial, downright subservient - to survive - while I planned to escape. I learned a new gift - flight - and literally flew back to the group that planned to fight evil. I know - stupid dream. But it is hard for me, with Christ in my heart, to feel spiritually poor and while I may act meek to survive evil for a time - I always have it in my heart to fight evil with all that I have. And I know I can't fight evil alone. Anyways... I just don't quite get meek or spiritually poor inheriting the earth. I might still grumble, but I can buy humble before God.
  17. Actually me too is just my lay person approach (when approaching a verse) to do four things...first is pray for the guidance of the Spirit...second is look up terms in the lexicon (which does not always help, believe me) and then third, I to try and read it is context with as little theological bias as possible (sometimes the denomination we are or were in, implants an understanding that I have found is not always true)...then I try and explore as much as I can find in the scriptures on that topic...

    So what I offered does not mean I am correct, I just wanted to help with the definition of give something to the discussion other than just my opinion (because it is the Bible Study section). Most of His audience in the Sermon on the Mount did not yet have Christ like you or I (He had not yet been given, nor had the general outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurred). The same with when He gave a similar message in Luke (different time under different circumstances).

    So I can see how for some who have Christ in their heart it is unfamiliar to feel spiritually poor (for we are rich - Ephesians 1)....we all have sinned without a doubt, but some of us were more evil than others...I was evil, very evil, did evil, liked evil....and on occasion evil still tries to creep into my mind (which I by God's help rebuke and cast down, sometimes having to utterly fall on the rock)...I lived for sin then and now in Christ have died to sin. The question I ask every day for 30 years is "How could there be such a love?" But praise His holy name there is...Amazing grace that loved a wretch like me has really deep meaning...that old man should have been physically killed or imprisoned for life, but thanks be to our ABBA he has been judged, found wanting, condemned, and nailed to the cross...and now by the patience of the Holy Spirit I am altogether a new creature of the last Adam.

    So what do you (or others, please weigh in) think "inherit the earth" means?

    In His love

    Brother Paul
  18. I, truly, like your approach to scripture. particularly the ask the Holy Spirit to help both in reading scripture and posting. Dumb as it sounds, I didn't always know this.

    In "inherit the earth" , Again, I always thought - with the batttle done between good and evil, during Christ's 1000 year reign, all the good things of earth and the physical, would be everyones to share.

    My bad, that I didn't start, at the beginning of Matt 5:1, but I hope, after the "meek" discussion to return to the start and all the Beatitudes.

    Note *** I see all posters, (grin) even experts, as fellow students.
  19. Thank you for the kind words and I agree totally with you. Now for your question. Do the spiritually poor inherit the earth????

    NO, not "spirituallly poor". In fact we who are believers are "spiritually rich" in Christ Jesus.

    2 Corth. 6:10.........
    "As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing, as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, yet possessing all things".

    The "poor in spirit" refer to the opposite of the proud or haughty or pious in spirit. These are ones who have NOT been humbled by the grace of God and admitted their sin and asked for their dependance on God to save them through the Lord Jesus Christ.
  20. I would feel a powerful hole, trying to study scripture without you, Major (my very first contact when I came to the Forum). Not so much kind as true. We don't always agree but we always walk back friends. And when we agree (Joy), I think (grin), "I knew I was right on that one." (Just a wee bit of teasing.)

    I thought meek was bad enough, until I heard spiritually poor. Do you think "spiritually rich" means, perhaps that not only do we "reap" our reward in heaven but also here on earth?

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