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  1. Does this make it right then ? Are the Jews so close to God now that they have it all figured out ?
  2. Agreed, however there are significant changes:

    Number one being that on Earth 2.0 we will have the 'knowledge of Good and Evil' (knowing what is right and wrong) being that God is growing us to be 'like Him'. spiritually. When Adam & Eve were first created; the were blissfully ignorant. We won't be in that situation as we have lived through this life and are being transported to to the next. Consider the first Adam was kicked out of the Garden to 'grow' after gaining the knowledge....

    Second, after pronouncing the curse: God clothed them. Therefore, ***It is my opinion*** we won't be running around naked in Heaven. We will be clothed in white (Does that mean that will be the only color option? Or is this a figurative illustration of our purification? Don't know...).

    So yes, it will be more like the 'Garden' but different. It will be the Garden new and improved with 'matured' Spiritual beings inhabiting it.

    And thankfully it will a more exciting and 'simpler' but complex eternal life....

    We won't have all the man-made baggage to live with living under the perfect reign of Christ.
  3. I assumed that was the case when I saw that her posts had been deleted.
  4. Well said!
  5. AND that is exactly what needs to be done.
  6. Not only that but think how much money we will save by not having to pay for a light bill anymore.

    Rev. 22:5.......
    "And there shall be no night there, and they need no candle, neither light of the sun, for the Lord God giveth them light, and they shall reign for ever and ever".
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  7. Interesting way to see things and here is why I say it.
    To say...."Adam & Eve were first created; they were blissfully ignorant." This would be saying saying that God created in His image blissfully ignorant beings.... Ouch

    Adam was kicked out of the Garden to grow ? No brother sin was released into the garden and it could NO LONGER Operate as God had created it to operate. You say adam was kicked out..........hmmm could be seen as God was Kicked out too then....For from that moment on, God could NO LONGER come down and walk in the garden and fellowship with adam. God could not be where sin and the curse was....

    You speak about we know all this truth so the garden can not be the same... Really ?
    God created the garden as His way of life for us. Until adam fell His creation flowed SPIRITUALLY as God intends - if anything we will have to learn how to operate in such a manner to dwell with God.

    All this so called knowledge of Good and evil you speak of will be burned with the rubble.
    Scripture expalins adam was clothed just as God was - so being naked did not come about until sin entered into the garden and Gods Glory that clothed adam was taken away. You can say the day the "Light" went ou in the garden. ;)

    God Bless
  8. Yeah, were not going to agree, but that's okay!
  9. In all fairness what is it that you dont agree with Brother Mike ?
  10. Okay; I just weirded myself out.....

    Here's the 'conspiracy ': go to Google Maps or Google Earth. Zoom out to see the whole world if you will. Put in a date in the search....oh say like '9/23/15'....

    This is a screen shot from freshly loaded Google Earth; which I will be deleting shortly: CERN Resized.png

    So the theory is that there are stored caches and cookies and files etc....that happen to associate CERN with 9/23/15 on your PC or on the inter-webs cloud from your search history. (BTW: Did you know CERN is the originator of the internet? language:en) I happen to have a program that deletes my caches and cookies and temp files etc... That being said I am sure somewhere in the depths of Microsoft Big Brother SW there is a permanent history. Anyone on Linux?

    I don't know, you be the judge.....

    Try some other dates too....
  11. Honestly, I would need some time to try and articulate what I want to say. That being said-I think it would end up in a 'scripture war' which I don't believe will bear any fruit and is futile. So let's agree to disagree...fair enough?
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  12. Just six days into Elul, and the implications are beginning:

    Turkey On The Brink As Calls For Martial Law, Civil War Send Lira Plunging Again

    Depression Tracker: Unemployment Soars In Latin America's Most Important Economy

    "Mystery" Cyanide Foam Covers Streets In China After Tianjin Storms As "Massive Fish Die-Off" Photographed

    Iran Allowed To "Self-Inspect" Its Nuclear Sites By "Remarkably Naive And Reckless" UN
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  14. You will note in the 1st link, that the Rabbi has it wrong....the Messiah doesn't show up after this year's blood moon - supermoon ending tetrad. Jacob's trouble has to happen first and we know who is about to show if this is the start of the trib. They should be looking to rebuild the temple.
  15. Oh I didn't say they were correct only that they stated it. We know who that is, the, A.C.
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  16. The article said South Carolina, I think...
  17. I live in NY....I was looking out my kitchen window - beautiful blue sky (really azure) white fluffy clouds and further away storm clouds. I saw what looked like a 7 with a twirly piece of cloud in the top front end linking it to the storm cloud above. Matrixing, I thought so I went back into my living room, dismissive. But I couldn't get it out of my head - so I went back to the window. The seven was gone but there was a like winged victory figure with colors on top. After a bit, I went outside to look and the top color was gone but the figure was there but rougher. I dunno that it means anything but your picture took me aback, is all.
    Re: your link - I know you weren't saying that. It just got me to thinking that if the Jews are thinking Messiah, it would be easy to be deceived, especially if the AC were Jewish/tribe of Dan/whatever. Worrisome.
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