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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by calvin, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Since the last software upgrade here I'm having trouble with the s/w doing some creative thinking.
    If I quote from another post, their formatting keeps invading my typed text. Ie if I'm quoting italicized text,
    some not al of my text goes italic......very trendy, but not very me-ish.
    Sometimes I will change font size to 'whisper' but then at random the font size changes back to a whisper!:mad:
    Other times if I have used a different colour font (Xcuse my correct spelling here) for emphasis, at some unpredictable time down the text track, the s/w decides I want to use coloured font!
    I doubt this is a UNIX or LINUX or WINDOZE Issue, because .........I doubt it:)

    Anybody else experiencing the antics of this delinquent software?
    Maybe we should all gather at Jeff's front door at 4am and complain?
  2. I have the same exact problem, Calv, but only when I use my phone app.
    I have a Mac computer at home. Droid phone.
    Hopefully it gets addressed and fixed (y)
  3. Maybe that explains some of the font issues I've seen in some posts. I always thought that was maybe a copy and paste issues as some people type up a post in another program then copy and paste. I am not aware of ever having that issue in any of my own posts. I always use the reply box at the bottom of the page and, if it matters, my computer runs Vista. Of course, I rarely depart from the standard size and color.
  4. It may be an Operating system issue, I can't be sure. But here is the thing..
    If I type out a post as I'm doing now, not changing font style/size or colour, I won't have a problem. It seems though that if I change a font attribute then revert to standard, at some random time later the font attribute just changes again. I left a post unedited for Jeff to see in the thread about is it a sin not to believe in the trinity. I left him a PM message and am waiting for him to get back to me. Tink, using a mac seems to be immune, but affected with android. Both those OS are a derivative of UNIX or so I believe... So who knows?
    Hah but notice your quoted text has gone into italic And I assure you I did not do it. To my mind to change another's text without due notification is somewhat fraudulent, ie 'emphasis added'.
  5. All the quotes are rendered in italics. Which makes me wonder, what if it is already in italics? Let's find out.
  6. I'll post this quote and see wot I gets.

    Interesting, no differentiation.
  7. I can't reproduce the issue unless I see a screenshot. Next time it happens, Click the 'PrtSc' button, save the shot in a jpeg and post it here. I'll forward it to some webmasters for their input.
  8. are you using Windoze? That might be a key, but I don't see how, or more plausable to my mind, if you are not using firefox, which browser are you using? I ask this because really, it is the browser S/W that interfaces with the forum, not the OS.
    yet, your quoted post has been changed to italic by my set up:sneaky:
  9. This quote of your post is using Opera browser.
  10. You're very quotable Rumely:) I have just changed Operating Software. the previous two posts were using Linux Mint 13,
    This is using UNIX.
    Hmmm quoted material is still changed to italic. I assume others viewing these posts are seeing italics...I'd be a bit miffed if my computer was just doing this for my benefit.
  11. OK, I have snuck a few minutes on my wife's windoze pc let's what happens

    Nope....using any of the three operating systems and there is a change of the quoted text font to italic. It happens with Firefox and it happens with Opera. I don't give IE disc space so I've exhausted all options here. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated

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