self sufficiency of spouses

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  1. self sufficiency of spouses

    It is a sad fact that 'things happen'. Spouses die, become gravely ill, and such.Too often this happens at a younger age, while children are still at home.
    God created men and women different, each with their brain 'hard wired' to function in a certain way. We are help-meets to each other and our skills and abilities should compliment each other, make up a 'whole' as it were. Men were trained in traditional male roles and women in theirs.

    However, I believe that in the reality of things, there needs to be a crossover. In developed countries we don't live in big family groups anymore, with the children being 'parented' by older siblings, aunties, grandmas and such. We often find ourselves isolated.
    I feel that, for instance, a woman should be able to perform some basic 'male' roles and vice versa. For instance, the man should know how to work the washer and dryer, the woman should know how to check the oil and talk to the mechanic.
    The man should be able to change a diaper, and shop and cook a nutritious meal. The woman should know how to unclog the toilet.
    This is mainly because we often find our families living far away from relatives and 'on our own'. Should the unthinkable happen, the kids shouldn't become malnourished from a 'batchelor' diet, and the car motor shouldn't blow from nobody ever checking the oil level. We need to in some ways know how to fill certain essential roles of the opposite sex in case the unthinkable should happen. BOTH spouses should know how to pay the bills and what is coming in and going out each month.
    Signs of the times.

    Just my ponderings.
  2. Great ponderings and I totally agree with you. *high fives*

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