Seems We May Have Already Hit A Snag With Habitat For Humanity Before Getting Started

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  1. My wife wanted me to find blue prints for Habitat for Humanity houses to get an idea of what they look like. So while searching I came across FAQ for the program. I looked through them and found one on pets and it mentioned a dangerous dog list with German Shepherds being on the list. Guess what kind of dog we have?

    She is a mix and only weighs 45 pounds of so. She is a sweet dog who is happy to see everyone she meets and has never bitten anyone. She is so patient with our 21 month old too. She is our daughter's Trixie. The two of them are bonded.

    I spoke with the Lady we spoke with that is encouraging us to apply, but this time I didn't my name. She let me know that it is part the insurance company who makes the list that deems are our dog dangerous,even if she is a mix. She said that if approved, she will have to talk with the insurance company and if they raise the premium wet may have to choose between a house or our dog.

    I know some will say that it's an easy decision to make. I will tell them that it isn't. This dog has done nothing wrong to make us want to part with her. We wouldn't say that we couldn't have gotten a better dog for our family. She was given to us by once of my wife's coworkers when she was working.

    This is not a decision I want to have to make and really don't even want to try to get into the Habitat for Humanity program now. Not when this is possibly a choice I will have to make.

    I am literally crying and heart broken because of this.
  2. Tell them it's an Alsatian or Belgian Malinois mix, those are not likely to be on the list.
    Alsatian is what Brits call a German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois is a GSD lookalike.

    You're not lying, just editing the truth for clarity.
  3. The problem with that is if they ask for her vet records. She is listed as a German Shepherd mix.

    When I discussed this with my mom and my wife said the same thing, do not offer her breed unless they ask. Which on the homeowner's insurance they will ask.

    Here are a couple pictures of her:


  4. Go to a new vet, have the dog listed as "mixed/unspecified breed".
  5. I did think of that as well, but I believe the new vet will ask for her records from the other vet to be sure she is up to date on her vaccinations.

    Every time I think of something and I think I have an answer, I remember something that counters it.

    I feel stuck between a rock and hard place. If I am forced to make a decision it will drive me insane. It may just drive me insane to have to think about it until whatever is going to happen, happens.
  6. Much as I love my dog... and I feel like my dog is a part of the family and all....

    If I had to choose between my dog and my house.... I would choose the house.

    Your house is where you put your wife and kid(s).... It's where you go to get away from inlaws and the world at large.....

    I would start looking around for a trustworthy friend of the family who can take your dog if push comes to shove..... Don't force Habitat to cross you off their list because of your dog....

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    I have had to give up too many dogs in my lifetime because of moving or because I was a child and my mom decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

    I do not think I can make the decision that you would. Not when the dog has done nothing wrong. As for friends and family, none of them would I trust with her and the friend that I would, does not want any dogs.

    I may just give Glomung's idea a try and put her down as a Golden Retriever mix or Border Collie mix as that ideas what we think she is mixed with anyway.
  8. Just try for the habitat for humanity program and tell the truth, if they don't like it that you have a German shepherd then it wasn't meant to be. Honestly I don't get it, German shepherds are family dogs so it makes no sense to me, maybe tell them to come by your house and check out your dog so they know it isn't dangerous?
  9. I did ask if they woulddo that, apparently, because it had the name German Shepherd in it, that is all that matters to them.

    We are going to list get as a border Collie mix as that is what we have begun saying she is mixed with anyway.

    We truly do not know add she was found as a stray pup by animal control and they didn't know what to mark her as and just listed her as a German Shepherd mix to get get adopted.

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