Seeking my path...

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  1. Seeking my path...

    Hello everyone!

    All of my life I've felt very spiritual. I feel that my faith and belief in God is very strong, it's just I am not sure what belief to follow.

    During the past year or so, I feel that God is really trying to touch my heart and make me a better person and I feel a strong desire to start attending church again, but I do not know what church I belong to anymore.

    In the early 1990's I was baptized in a Baptist church but I never felt comfortable there. I know I cannot be Baptist and I'm seeking something else out.

    Over the years I've explored many extremes from Paganism to Islam. To me all the worlds religions are beautiful but I know Christianity is still for me, it keeps calling me home.

    So far in my recent studies I've found Quakerism and Universal Unitarianism. These two seem to be my most likely candidates.

    I suppose I'm not making much sense. It is my hope however, that I can make some friends here and find some sort of connection or "ah ha!" moment so I know where I belong.

    Many Blessings,

  2. Hi Kittee and welcome.:D Do you have a bible? More importantly have you opened your heart to receive Christ as your Savior? Jesus Christ Himself said we must be born again (experience a new spiritual birth) to see, perceive and have part in the Kingdom of God.
    The difference between Christianity and the religions of the world are many but most can be summed up in this- the worlds religions are based on performance and works- basically you must do things to make yourself good enough for god. This of course is a hopeless venture. How can a flawed human being hope to stand in front of a Holy, perfect God? Christianity is God reaching to man in love. Jesus Christ the sinless Lamb of God paid the penalty for our sins and offers us His very righteousness in exchange. He takes our sin we get His right standing with Father God. When one is born again that one is accepted just like Jesus is accepted. He is loved just like Jesus is loved. That one can enjoy the very presence and fellowship of the Living God. That one becomes a son (or daughter) of God through Jesus Christ. The love of God, the power of God, the goodness of God and the blessings of the Father become a reality in that ones life.
    Well just how much does the Father love the Son- it is limitless so in Christ you cannot possibly be loved and accepted anymore than you already are.
    So please take this opportunity and accept loves invitation.
    The bible declares these truths:

    Rom 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

    Act 16:31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

    Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    Rom 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    If you are really sincere about wanting to meet God then pray this with me:
    Father I recognize I have sinned in my life and that sin cannot stand in Your holy presence. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus Christ to pay the price for my sin on that cross, I now accept that sacrifice as my own, done for me out of love.
    Lord Jesus thank You for your gift of love, come and live in my heart and be my Lord. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and make me a new creature in Christ.
    Thank You that I am now born again as I receive spiritual life from you. Thank you that old things are passed away and all the all things are made new. Thank You that I will never be the same.
    If you prayed that prayer you are now a part of the family of God. The Holy Spirit of God will come into your life and begin to reveal the things of God to your heart.
    You can now read the Word of God with understanding .
  3. Hi Kittee,

    welcome to the site..

    well, I am in a pentecostal church, i hope i spelled it right, hehe, I grew up in this faith so i am pretty comfortable with it, i don't know if you have ever been to this type of church or are interested but, thought i would throw it up to you.
  4. Boanerges-

    Thank you for your help. I was baptized back in 1991 and said a prayer very similar to that back during that time as well with the pastor of the church. My father was also a Baptist preacher way back before I was even born.

    I have to say that I have some fundamental problems with the "Born again" philosophy. Please bear with me while I explain.

    The way it was explained to me in my church back in the 1990's, (I haven't attended a Baptist church since 1997ish.) was that once you accept Jesus in your heart you are forgiven for everything you've ever done or ever will do. This is a tough pill for me to swallow because I see mass murderers, child rapists, truly evil people "get religion" and suddenly assume everything is on the level with God. Now I'm not saying that God isn't all forgiving, but surely this cannot be all one has to do to be forgiven.

    I believe that you must also "do" good works and be generally "good" to be blessed by God. Not that you can "buy" your way into heaven with these good works either, but you can't just say "I accept Jesus" and then suddenly everything is OK. I think you have to put action behind your words. Too many times in the church did I see the ugly "double faced" nature of many of it's congregate. Folks would be one way on Sunday and Weds nights but the other 5 days of the week they were "worldly" and someone else.

    Another issue I have is with the overwhelming majority of hate that comes from Baptist churches. (Sorry I keep mentioning Baptist because that is really all I know.) Too many sermons were about how babies in Africa were doomed to hell fire just because they didn't know Jesus Christ. How Buddhists and Jews, Islamic and Pagans, were all doomed to hell no matter how "good" their moral character and behaviors were.

    I like to take Jesus for his word and his message alone. I don't understand how so much hate can be preached with Jesus Christs message was about love.

    It is my belief that as so long as you believe in God, or a higher power, that you moral character and actions are "good" that you are already on the path to being saved. I do not believe God cares what name you call upon him by as so long as you call his name.

    That is why my heart is conflicted. I've felt this way for 15 years now and I'm just not sure how to sort this out.
  5. I am not Boanerges but i would like to reply to some of your thoughts.

    What is a true Gift? What is a gift when people work to pay for it? It ceases to be a gift but becomes a wage, a payment for work done. Is it not an insult to the giver to hand over cash when they offer a presant?

    What kind of thinking lies behind trying to pay for salvation? What possable payment could we offer for such an incredable thing? does not scripture say that all our good works are as filthy rags?

    Is it not the desire to be self justified?

    Or a lack of faith in the One who wants to be your Justifier?

    Yes. seeking to do good does open us up to blessings in this life, and sin does open us up to a lot of suffering in this life. But that is quite seperate to the question of Salvation.

    Good to hear you say that. So why do you look upon other sinners and feel agrieved at their salvation? Just because you cannot bring yourself to have forgivness for a mass murderer? Who are you to say that God is unjust to forgive all repentant sinners who have accepted Jesus, including the mass murderer. Who are you to draw a line in the sand and determine that all sins on the other side of your personal line are unforgivable?

    Why not?

    Oh and you never fail to be perfect in doing good all day and you never do bad things too?

    Be careful in what measure you use to judge others because by the very same measure so will you be judged.

    I don't believe babies are doomed to hellfire. I do believe however that all who reject the Messiah Jesus in this life are doomed to hellfire. And once again there is only One who is Good and that is God. Man may dub others as being good or bad but that comes from their own thoughts. God's measure comes from the perfect and absolute measure, not from the rubbery and shifting lines that humans draw.

    Then Believe Jesus. All His words.

    Salvation is through and via Jesus and no other path.

    Believing Jesus is the only way.

    All Praise The Ancient of Days

  6. Hello Kittee :). I am pretty unfamiliar with this site and this would be my first post, but I am of the faith and I'd like to respond.

    Regarding sudden forgiveness, it all deals with mentality. First of all, I've dealt with the same questions you are dealing with now. Salvation and forgiveness is available because Jesus offered Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice. In other words He paid for the murder and rape and other atrocities committed by mankind for all time, now all that is required is to repent, and live in Him. Repentence isn't just an action by the way, its an utter change of heart, the person who committed the sin is now sorry, and would take it back if he/she could.

    You are right about works, a person who is saved seeks to do good. We are to imitate Christ, by emptying ourselves of our own desires and putting others ahead of us. We are to live our lives devoted to serving our fellow man which is what Christ has done for us :). If we dont we are still saved, but it is selfish and we can't advance in our walk with the Lord... Because much of our relationship with God deals with our relationship with others, Christ said when you do for the least you do for Him, when you neglect the least you neglect Him. You follow? hehe.

    Also I dont know about Baptists, but alot of churches do limit themselves to preaching hate. None take into consideration the fact that Jesus pursued many sinners during His time on earth. Notice that He shared meals with tax collecters and prostitutes, He would go to any depth to save a person from themself. Amazingly enough the ones who didn't follow God came to Christ while the religious heiarchy denied Him.

    Also regarding other religions, I agree with you :). If you believe in a monotheist God, and live a virtuous life I believe you will be saved. The Bible states, that no man has an excuse for not knowing God. Take into consideration those who have never heard Christ's name, but live virtuous lives in dedication to whomever they percieve is God. Would God deny them Salvation because they haven't had the opportunity to hear His proper name? No, far from it. Some would counter that scripture with the one that states that Jesus is the only way, for those that would please take into consideration those who haven't had the opportunity to hear about Him.

    Now on the subject of Christ, seriously consider accepting salvation :). I've studied many religions, many good, many bad, even their religious texts. No one in history can compare to Jesus Christ, dont pay attention to those who claim to know Him but preach hate, focus on His words above all others. I wrote a little too much but I hope I conveyed my point well :).
  7. Remember the thief that was on the cross did not Jesus forgive him and say Today you shall be with me in paradise... Forgiveness is that easy... Once a person gets saved he/she is a new creature and should want to live right.. I just started going back to church myself after backsliding for about 7 years... I sat back and judged the church and that was wrong... I was raised pentecostal... My grandmother was baptist when she was a girl but she saw something that the pentecostals had that she wanted.. She served the lord faithfully until she died at age 91... We need the church body, we need to go to church so we can grow spiritually... Look at Jonah he got angry because he knew God was a forgiving God and he spared the city of Nineveh.. I am glad I don't have to work to be forgivin...

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