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  1. 6/10/11: I was thinking today of the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ, and how our desire should be for him daily - 24/7. The Lord then gave me this song, "Seek My Face."

    There is nothing in this world so wonderful as sitting at Jesus’ feet each day and hearing him speak his words to my heart. I love to hear him talk to me, to show me his truths in his word, to lead me in his ways, and to direct me in his love. We have such sweet times of fellowship together. He doesn’t always just tell me happy stuff, either. We have a real relationship. And, so we talk about everything.

    He shares his heart with me and I share my heart with him. I tell him what is going on in my mind, which he already knows, and he tells me what he is thinking and feeling, too. Sometimes he lets me experience things in this life which help me to feel what he feels, so that I can have the passion and compassion he wants me to have for the tasks he assigns me to do. Oh, how I look forward to the day when I will get to see him face-to-face. That will be awesome!

    Seek My Face / An Original Work / June 10, 2011

    Seek My face; hear My voice
    Calling you, “Make the choice.
    Won’t you hear Me just now?
    Turn from sin; humbly bow.
    Trust in Me as your Lord,
    Walk in fellowship with Me.
    I will enter your heart,
    Give you life eternally.

    “Won’t you sit at My feet;
    Hear Me teach; daily meet?
    Won’t you pray; share your heart;
    Let My grace now impart;
    Comfort you with My love,
    Give you peace from up above?
    I will tenderly say,
    ‘You are Mine, I’m yours always.’

    “One day I will return
    To receive you, My bride;
    Relieve you from your fears;
    Wipe the tears from your eyes.
    Watch for Me; be prepared
    To meet Me up in the air.
    I will give you a crown,
    And you’ll wear a pure white gown.”
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  2. Thank you SueJLove, a lovely poem.
    It reminds of a time when I was driving home, feeling full of love and gratitude to the Lord for my life.
    The sun was setting, and I had a great urge to watch the sunset. So I drove off the road and started take photos.
    I noticed the clouds were changing shape. This is the last snapshot I took of that sunset. I was in too much awe to take anymore photos.
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  3. Peter Luke, Beautiful photo! Love it! I hear you! I feel the same way when I see such a sunset. And, I, too, feel the need to capture it on my phone's camera and to share it with others. Regarding the poem, the Lord Jesus gave me the words, so all glory to him. I just share what he gives me. Thank you for sharing.
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