See The Mysterious Giant Hole At 'the End Of The World' Has Scientists Baffled Click Pic 4/artic

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  1. This is permafrost thawing because of climate change.

    There are large pockets of ice underground that can be very many meters thick. When the melt suddenly because of a release in gas you get these events.

    Basically it is a sinkhole.

    Just the earth doing its thing.
  2. Granted the music in this video leaves a lot to be desired. However, if it were me in that chopper hovering over that crater, I'd soon be repelling into that hole with a team of spelunkers to see what's up.
  3. The weather changes every day.
    Climate does not.

    Now how man, having limited life span and limited knowledge, interprets climate that is another story.

    It is the same way that man right now sees the beginning of spacetime at 15 million years or so.

    A half century before they pegged it at 13 million.

    Until they wrap their heads around dark matter they really won't know for sure. But after time they will.
  4. Researchers arrive at Russian crater - Video
    Radiation levels are better there than they are in the cities, this one researcher says.

    What is obvious about this so called crater is that something launched out of the depths. It didn't cave in. Something came out of the ground there. You can tell by the ground debris circling the crater. That's soil that was propelled outward, not that fell inward.
  5. Centuries ago when men discovered these natural phenomenon they speculated this was a doorway to a world below...called the Hollow Earth theory....the speculations and theories of the Hollow Earth inspired Verne to write "Journey to the Center of the Earth"

    Google Hollow Earth theory
  6. Yes, I know about the Hollow Earth.
    Admiral Richard Bird accounted of a civilization he found in the Arctic and that was living in the hollow Earth.
  7. Pocket of natural gas bubble that exploded? Who knows... but what amazes me is how circular it is.
  8. Agreed. And how smooth the sides are, even though there are rivulets forming on the sides of the hole due to oil and water seepage.
    The researchers checked the gas levels due to the region it is in having natural gas pockets. Nothing all that unusual is found.
    262 feet in diameter. Wow!
  9. That alleged diary was a fraud...and all his associates testified to this and the publication of this false diary had been stopped (only 4,000 original copies were printed and less were distributed)...think about this...Byrd is allowed to enter Ibez because of his highly respected moral and ethical character...but then the Diary says Hitler was allowed to go there (?)....really? We know Hitler died...we had/have his corpse. Was his reputation on the surface world illustrious? Was he also of high moral and ethical character?

    Also there are over 5o exclamation points in this fictional representation (not even a lay writer would do this), their own bases location is not mentioned (unheard of from a lifer navy hero)....the times are confused and the dates had to be re-written later because he did not make the journey until August of 1947...and much much more. These are evidential errors that would not be made in such a man's event log.

    But the story is The Third Eye of Lopsang Rampa it titilates our imaginations but the facts are contrived to impress the audience...Lopsang Rampa was never a secret disciple of the Dali Lama (ask him, he is still alive)....
  10. I've seen claims at Infowars and such about his diary. It is still fascinating regardless.
  11. yes send your money to Al Gore..:rolleyes:
  12. Indeed! Imagine of it were real???? Ever see Alien versus Predator?
  13. arha ha ha ha...!!!!
  14. That's a weird statement to make here. :(
    The inconvenient truth that his movie was a lie and stole scenes from, 'The Day After Tomorrow" movie. And the Nobel Prize committee is so lame now days that it gave him a Nobel for his trouble.
  15. Don;t know anything about that...I was just saying some fiction is intriguing to the human The Protocols of the elder of Zion written by car inventor Henry Ford (who was a racist and supporter of Adolph Hitler)....or The DaVinci Code...though not true each of these appeals to someone....they IMAGINE and confuse the possible truth of them to be THE it was with the Byrd Diary
  16. I don't know that the Protocols were written by Henry Ford.
    The DaVinci Code isn't a book I've read. But the movie was stupid. The priest's actions at the beginning, when he walked around bloody, not wanting to give away anything to those who haven't yet seen it, reminded me of something the old Monty Python sketchers would have conceived in a script.
    Monty Python and the DaVinci Code.:ROFLMAO:
  17. I love those movies. :ROFLMAO: Predator is great. I've not looked at a horseshoe crab the same way since.
    And H.R. Giger was really put on the map with the first installment of the franchise; Alien.
  18. LOL!

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