Secret Societies And Freemasonry

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  1. For many years I have ran across so many things that lead me to Secret Societies/Modern Freemasonry through signs and symbols and their numbers? All of it lead to some sort of destruction and evil practices. It is like a spider web spanning across the globe.

    Has anyone else ran across this too? Seems like I run across it even when I am not looking for it. Even the history of man made religions led to some sort of secret/fraternal order. From kings, presidents, political and military leaders, movie stars, musicians, relgious leaders and so on? What is so secret? If it isn't revealed it is against G_d. The Lord reveals all truth. The opposite of secret...



    Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others: "a secret plan".

    Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others: "a state secret".

    adjective. hidden - occult - privy - private - clandestine
    noun. mystery - secrecy - arcanum - confidence
  2. My personal opinion is that Satan is the one leading you to these "secret societies" and religions with false teachings. He is playing upon and utilizing whatever weakness (Insecurity, longing for companionship, paranoia, etc.) that you may have in order to reel you in. He knows quite a bit about us, and will conveniently use it to his advantage in order to tempt you into sin and take your salvation away. Don't let him. Stay strong and pray when you have an inclination to delve into one of these "secret societies" again.

    I was a Jehovah's Witness from 8-16 because when my mother came to California, her best friend who has moved here, told her about the "Truth." My mom is someone that yearns for consistency and therefore began going. Many years later after attending church several times a week as well as bible study and going door to door, my eyes began to open. I was always a highly intuitive gal, and at 16, there were a culmination of events that occurred that made me quite being a JW cold turkey.

    I went many years without any beliefs, was anti-christian, and was all about me, me, me. It wasn't until I had a near death experience where I was only saved when I called out "Lord Jesus Christ!"

    MIND YOU, as a JW, we are taught that Jesus is simply the chosen one, NOT the son of God. For me to have called out Jesus's name, was beyond anything I have ever been taught. I have never even known that people thought Jesus was the son of God (or God Himself). To this day, I know that God was telling me the truth. He had opened the eyes to who my savior was. LITERALLY. It still gives me chills thinking about that day sometimes. Especially since I called out "Jehovah!" continuously with no luck. Only "Lord Jesus Christ!" worked.


    Good luck and God bless.
  3. IMO curiosity in the things of darkness is a very dangerous matter. It opens doors to great personal confusion, demonic suggestions and strife.

    God will not protect us if we are attracted to the darkness: He is not a puppet Master, but allows us to use our free will. He will warn and warn until we refuse to hear the warnings.

    (This is directed at no one: just a statement of fact)
  4. Hi Rusty! Just want to clarify one of you sentences so that I may understand as well . :)
    "God will not protect us if we attracted to the darkness"
    Did you mean that "God will not potect us if we are attreacted to the darkness." or "God will not protect us if we attract the darkness."?

    Also, don't you believe that all Christians come into these other influences at some point (mainly through Satan attempting to steer us away from God), but that we are to turn to Him for guidance and strength to not become involved with such false beleifs? The "...curiosity in the things of darkness is a very dangerous matter." part got me thinking of this.

    So I just want to clarify that you do mean that God protects us by means of warning us, but if we go against those warnings and continue to seek out these demonic influences or false teachings, then he gives us the free will to continue down the path of destruction.
  5. Oops! Yes...that was a typo...Should be "God will not protect us if we are attracted to the darkness."

    Let me clarify: Yes, of course the enemy will attempt to steer us away from God, that is Satan's constant occupation.

    But what I am saying is any morbid fascination with darkness is US interested in it. I'm not merely speaking of false beliefs, as only a mentally dishonest person will willing embrace what he knows is a lie.

    I am talking about the overly curious, self-confident "explorer" who delves too deeply into dangerous waters. It matters not whether he calls himself a Christian or not: there are many warnings in the Bible to flee from any shade of evil.

    Does this help?
  6. Yes! Thank you~
  7. So we are in agreement that this road is evil?

    Man-made wickedness who dwell in secret places and do secret things. Decieving many and taking them down a wrong path which leads them to destruction. It is interesting you meantioned Jehovah's Witness Lifeasweknowit. Charles Taze Russell was a freemason. So was Joseph Smith for Mormonism.

    It was these two very religions that were taught on a Wednesday study at church that they were cults. So I looked them up so I would be knowledgeable of their beliefs and ways to avoid them. Researching for more informations about the founders, I found that they both were freemasons.

    Anybody that against the Lord is a antichrist. The Lord reveals the truth, while man's wickedness is hidden in secret and devising plans to put fear in men. Planning to take man's freedoms, commerce, farming, and beliefs in G_d the Father and Jesus His son away from them. Which means they are opposed or against the Lord. The Brotherhood spans through many organizations and all countries it seems.

    If the truth is revealed, it is not of Satan, it is of G_d. He shows us the wickedness of this world and He calls on us to see these things. He knows my heart and I follow Him and keep my eyes on Him when I do my research. G_d knows good and evil. Does that make Him evil? No... So if we are to be more like Him, and walk like Him then we should learn to see the wicked ways of men. This helps us save lives and turn them to the Lord in all truth and understanding.
  8. FOC, I am becoming more and more confused with your posts and what you are getting at...I think that's maybe why I have been asking so many questions. Can you please explain what you were getting at with this post and your follow up?
  9. FoC- you make my head hurt. If I am getting what you say is correct, then I would simple say-EVERYTHING is of God even Satan. And I would also say that the Bible tells us not to be 'ignorant of the wiles of the devil'.

    I understand your curiosity and seeking in all matters; but I think you may have some double-mindedness going on in some areas.

    Here's my suggestion: we already know who wins in the end-you get to pick what side you want to play on. Pick the WINNING side! That's the beauty of God's Word and how Jesus bruises Satan's head: The victory is already claimed for the Lord.

    I guess you could ask the question: "Why would God put us through this Earth?" Does the clay tell the potter what type of vessel it will be-or is formed in the manner which the Creator desires?

    Yup there are secret societies running all kinds of things because the 'Deceiver' has made them all kinds of empty promises that he has no intention or power to fulfill. I attribute 'cults' and 'secret societies' to the same fashion of elitism: SELFISH people want to make themselves out better than they are. Why do you think we have such a humble example in Jesus Christ?

    When compared to Christ-all that cult, secret society, elite nonsense means absolutely nothing.
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  10. Sorry FOC, I should clarify myself..I was asking that question because you mentioned: " So we are in agreement that this road is evil?"

    Though you should know this already, right? Was there any part of you that questioned whether or not it was evil?
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  11. I second Dirty's notion~
  12. I think I am going to stop coming to this forum. For a number of reasons. I have yet to see the Christian fruits of the spirit here. The fruits are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    Both post I created I have been torn apart and spoke in all honesty, and shared what I have seen. This is why people leave churches, and run from them because the wolves are devouring the people while they are dressed in sheeps clothing. No love is there. All I can do is pray and keep being led.

    I know where my heart is in the Lord. I am a sinner. No better then anyone of you. So I treat each one of you with respect and try to answer to the best of my ability. I may not be skilled in speaking or explaining, or spelling.

    May the LORD bless you and keep you; May the LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

  13. I don't know which is worse, the secret societies or the not so secret societies.
    The Freemasons are a society within a society. Levels 1 through 29 are taught a few of the "mysteries" but kept in the dark about the true nature of their fraternity. The level 30 and above know that Freemasonry is a front for Luciferian Gnosticism.
    Luciferian Gnosticism is the belief that there are two gods, one bright and helpful, the other stupid and vengeful. They consider Jehovah, the god of the Jews, to be the stupid and vengeful one, and Lucifer to be the bright helpful one. They believe that through secret knowledge one can achieve godhood and that Lucifer is there waiting to help the adept along.

    There have been various groups that practice "magic" of one flavor or another. The Rosicrucians, Older of the Goldern Dawn, etc. , these pretend that they are not Satan worshippers, the world pretends they don't exist.

    I could go on all day, I've studied this a bit over the years. If you have specific questions please ask away.
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  14. Steve,

    When I read your last comment initially, I fell asleep almost immediately after. I then woke up, read it again and felt very bad and sad for hurting your feelings. I too, was persecuted growing up because of my religious beliefs and made fun of on countless occasions. I do not want you to feel that way, whatsoever. If your goal is merely to ask a question without any preconceived feelings or beliefs, then I am terribly sorry. The fact of the matter is that it does not appear that way. Then again, this is an online forum and just like anything outside of face-to-face communication, it can lead to misinterpretation. I'm glad you're still on, hope you accept my apologies if I made you feel uncomfortable.

    As an aside, I would still appreciate it if you could answer the question of your Revelations post (y) ...thank you :D
  15. I think he has bailed; either way, I doubt you'll get a direct answer....most of the rest of us didn't.
  16. It shows he's been logging on; he has just chossen not to answer. I believe in fear of what people might say. That's me giving him the benefit of. the doubt.
  17. Oh...well...try PMing him if he is that fearful of what others say.
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  18. yup, the one I notice most is the illuminati they have occult imageries almost every where... music videos,cartoon,video games...

    alot of people are invloved as well some celebrities are ; lady gaga,beyonce,jay-z..ect..
  19. I agree with you Glo. I was introduced at a young age to the Masons. I neve rfelt comfortable but I would look around at the other men who attended and they were the leaders of the Christian church. I was informed by these men that Masonary is s "higher" step in the Christian life.

    Of course as one grows and learns, one is able to see the completly erroneous teaching there and how they are in fact anti/christ in nature.
  20. +

    You did nothing wrong and I think your comment to this person was sincere and very Christian.

    I think the problem here lies with our brother and not you.

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