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    i have been studying some AV materials by Lee Strobel and Dr. Stephen Meyer.

    it is so exciting how more scientists are seeing 150 years has produced no missing links, and closer examination of data is proving God's word is true.

    here are 4 of my favorite AV links:

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  2. The documentary 'Is Genesis History' is great too! I saw it on NetFlix.
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  3. thanks for that

    i will look for it

    God Bless you my friend
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  4. The first step in finding the truth is to have no opinion.

    Scientists have found faith and even Jesus Himself, but they don't know what they found. They can't explain them, but they found them. It's so amazing. :)
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  5. amen

    i also like how lee strobel and dr steven meyer were serious atheists before evidence changed their minds

    lee strobel was trying to disprove the existence of God to deprogram his newly born again wife, and he ended up proving Christ is God.
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  6. I chose the old fashion way, I Believe Because It is Written as He has Said.

    I guess I should be excited about all this but none of this moves me.
    Now seeing Believers rise up and take their place and finish writing the book of Acts , now that moves me.
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  7. FCJ, you can't beat the old-fashioned way, but I find these documentaries are exciting because they are turning the scientific research back on the non-believers who have used it for years to be critical of the Bible. As you know, part of Acts is about Paul’s conversion and taking the Lord’s message to all the people. In a sense this may be a part of fulfilling your “Acts wish” by exposing to a segment of non-believers that they have been leaning on incorrect or misinterpreted scientific data for support.
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  8. Think about it. Acts Was AND Always will be written as a documentary of the growth of His Church.

    Every generation God gives us a deeper revelation or understanding in an area of His Word.
    This Alone should scream loudly unto His people. Our understanding has been increased BUT instead of the Church (body of Christ) increasing and giving the lost or darkness signs and wonders , They Are To Busy fighting each other over who is right and who is not and what is for the believer today and what is not and running around with puffed up doctrinated heads and wimpy spirit men.

    Wish? Nah its what will be done before He comes back and many believers will miss out.

    I have nothing against science or discoveries and it may move some.
    But people have gotten used to science claiming facts and proof as truth then years later realizing they were wrong.

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  9. that is awesome faith my dear brother - amen to all you said - that would make an awesome thread if you feel led by the Holy Spirit

    pm me if you start a thread like that

    the thing that excites me about science proving the Bible is true, is how it impacts those who need this kind of encouragement

    in "a case for faith" video by lee strobel, charles templeton lost his faith in God

    he said it was because his mind wasn't prepared with enough bible truth to combat his doubts

    so i love this stuff because i share it with those who need to hear it

    for many people it gives them faith/erases their doubts/prepares them to tell of the hope that is within them - 1 Peter 3:15

    i meet a lot of people irl and on the internet

    each person is individual

    each person has their own kind of needs

    i like to be prepared with all kinds of Godly truth to help each person wherever they are at

    you are a great blessing my dear friend

    God Bless you
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  10. amen.

    i also like Ray Comfort's AV material

    it's amazing to see how he talks to people in such an anointed way that they change their minds about morality, God, salvation through Christ, etc
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  11. Jim and I are in agreement with you... that this is a great ministry tool for those whom speak this type of language.

    God is so great to provide laborers and materials for everyone who does not currently trust Him

    Blessings to you our friend
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  12. amen

    Jim's post made me remember an awesome revival series called revival radio tv

    i'm going to start another thread about that, because when people have a profound encounter with God, they have all the proof they need to come alive in Christ

    God Bless you my dearest sister
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  13. I personally never had any intellectual conflicts between what is written in the Bible and what scientists were saying. When in doubt, I always deferred to the Bible and told myself that scientists did not always have all the pieces to the puzzle in the first place. Often, years later, this would prove true in that new discoveries or scientific testing techniques would once again, verify what was written in the Bible. I also believed that when it came to time lines and exact methodology, the Bible wasn't always overly detailed in these areas. A day to God could represent many millennia and HOW exactly He created something could have easily been a much longer process than what we imagined. So, even while studying science, I never had conflicts. In fact, the more I studied, the more I could see the hand of God at work from the incredible creation of the universe right down to the way the human body works at the cellular level. It is all amazing and it all points to God in my way of thinking.

    The fact, however, that even more scientific evidence has surfaced to confirm God as creator and that the Bible's account of his creative works is accurate, delights me. The more archeologists dig, and geologists test, and other scientists apply their tests, the more evidence amasses that the Bible is more than just a collection of stories to serve as a moral guide for mankind. I'll never forget that day at work where a colleague was disputing that the Bible was just a collection of stories. So, I asked him what he thought about Sodom and Gomorrah. He said it was a moral cautionary tale and all fiction. When I told him that scientists had actually found Sodom, found the round balls of sulfur, carbon dated them back to the correct time, and that tests showed they were thousands of degrees hot when they rained down on the city, he was stunned. Here was clear scientific evidence of an account in the Bible, and it proves that it happened, just like the great flood and Noah's ark, and dozens of other findings

    So, whether it is the creation of the universe or the creation of man, the Bible still stands as my source for truth. Science lags behind a lot of the time, but eventually it catches up to show that we can trust what is written. And why shouldn't we trust it since it is, after all, God's word? And what should we do when in doubt? Resort to faith of course. Faith, faith and more faith.
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  14. awesome post

    extremely well said

    i feel the same way about all the issues you mentioned

    God is true and every man is a liar : Romans 3:4

    and like you i love to see people's response when science proves the Bible is true

    they really are shook to the core

    a big reality check for them i'm sure
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