science can only proove God

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  1. Science always says the same thing, it is the interpetation, hence evolutionary theory. Then evidence evolutionist can't handle they ignore.
    Actually Job describes a couple beast that can't exsit now, the behemoth being one.
    Read its desciption, it is big, with large legs, and tail. Job 40:15-24
    Also I read and heard that the word dinosaur is never used, but words like dragon is, along with behemoth and levianthan Job 41:1-34. Interesting huh.
  2. Dinosaur........... Dinosaur.........

    While levianthan in the book of Job refers to the devil.

    Job 41:34 He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.

    We have accounts of human tracks with dinosaur tracks some think still roamed freely before the flood. Even the largest dinosaurs could have fit on the ark if put on while they were still small.

    I just saw on TV that Raptors are now Turkeys? and Dogs may have come from banana's as they share some DNA something, something.....

    Each seed produces after it's kind. Thats spiritual law, so your not going to mix a raptor up and make it a Turkey.

    Pretty amazing that these so called great minds throw common sense out the window when trying to disprove creation.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  3. True, but serpent in Genisis 1 is refering to satan as well, but we know all snakes are not deivls or demons. Unless you interput serpent diffrentl. So levianthan could be both.

    I have seen a couple series on proving creation, I actully find it harder to belive in evelution then creation. With evolution you have to think and figure out, creation you have to look about you.
    After all its easier to say 'God knows', then 'o no, we have to change all these threories because we don't understand this.'
  4. That is the best analogy where you said all we have to do is look around us and see .... Who created ? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out .

    Just go to the beginning ..... In the beginning God .....
  5. In the begining

    Think of the money Schools would save, and all those trying to prove evolution if they would just say God did it.

    Response to matuisgman

    Some bible scholars believe that Leviathan meant Whale.

    Science has proof that dinosaurs actually did not become missing that long ago, and even some still on earth today. We have real blood cells from a T-rex that they claim is 70 million years old. It has been proven that blood cells could not last that long, not even close.

    Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue - Science-

    Jesus Is Lord.
  6. Psa 74:14 Thou hast broken the heads of leviathan, Thou makest him food, For the people of the dry places.

    Every translation I have translates the word into “heads” (plural)

    Is satan ever spoken of in the plural sense?

    Serious question, I’m not sure if he is or not. :confused:

  7. I aways say the Big Bang happend, either God lite a match or more likly God Spoke
  8. The first law of thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed.

    This is a fundamental law of the physical universe. You can burn wood, but in the process, nothing is lost, only changed. An atomic bomb does not create energy, it unleashes energy that is alwready there, it changes but it does not create.

    Matter CANNOT be created.

    So.................. Where did all of this matter come from??? :confused:

    Guess what? Not only IS there a God,.... but there MUST be a God.
    The fact that anything exists at all is absolute proof of a creator! :cool:
  9. I find the argument in the opening topic to be a major straw man. For one dinosaurs are not classified as reptiles, they aresauropsids. Its a common misconception though since reptiles are also sauropsids. You know what else are sauropsids though? Birds. There is also a lot of evidence that some species of dinosuars were warm blooded and others cold.

    I have never seen arguements of birds evolving from advanced theropod dinosaurs. But I have heard the misconcept before. Advanced theropod dinosaurs and birds supposedly have a common dinosaur ansestor some 200 million years ago. There is a lot of evidence that the theropods were warm blooded and that many of them had some sort of protofeathers.

    Matter can be created from energy and matter and be converted into energy. But there needs to be such an immense amount of energy to create anything really noticeable. This actually makes it so God is not the only explanation. If only an argument for God was so simple I would be able to convince many of my non-believing friends.
  10. Enegy or matter, where does it come from, right. So 'something else may have started it' but what caused it. That is a good reponse for questions like that.
    When I was younger I figured that God simple set things in motion or caused large generalities. Meaning, He made the big bang, he cause the the catalyst for the continents to seperate and other things like that.
  11. I think one could argue that what you are talking about is not the creation of matter.
    Rather in is the conversion of energy into matter.

    Just like burning a log does not create energy, it converts matter into energy (heat.)

    And converting energy into matter is not the same as creating matter from nothing. (Like what God did.) :)
  12. Big Bang.

    The Big Bang.

    Certain people in Science need common sense.

    Lots and lots of energy can create matter? Mater can not be created?

    For arguments sake, lets say matter can be created. Lets say it is going to take a whole lot of power. A big bang.

    So, we go to a junk yard and we blow it up 1 billion times. We will give evolution the benefit of the doubt and start with millions of car parts.

    How many times do we need to blow up all that junk before a Mercedes is sitting there when the dust clears.

    How many big explosions would it take to create perfect life as complex as each species is today. The odds in math terms are way beyond anything remotely believable.

    We could add another 20 billion years as they do to explain this stuff and the math still would not come out for possible life, and complex organisms.

    Now back to our car experiment. Should we blow it up another 2 billion times to get a Mercedes? or are we going to end up with a very fine dust of metal, leather, rubber and vinyl?

    Jesus Is Lord.

  13. I say we give it a try.
    I’m looking for a small pickup… automatic, 4x4, the color doesn’t matter and if the seats have a few burn marks on them? I can live with that. :D
  14. Actually what you are talking about are not laws of thermodynamics, they are laws of probability.
    But you are absolutely correct. Your hypothetical situation of blowing up a junk yard, mathematically is thousands, millions of times more likely to result in the creation of human life than the theory of evolution is. (Evolution, being the concept that time+chance+matter=consciousness)

    From a mathematical perspective, there is a point at which the probability of something can become so incredibly remote, that it is simply deemed as impossible.

    On the other hand, converting energy into matter, is not nearly so far fetched. This was one thing that Einstein did have correct.
    Energy, is equal to Matter, times the speed of light (196,000 miles per second) squared.
    196,000 miles per second, times 196,000 miles per second, is a pretty big number.
    As u ne la nv i u we tsi said earlier, that is an immense ammount of energy to convert into physical matter, but it is still a conversion of one thing into another.

    Creation, from nothing is impossible. .............for us.

    And as I said, if anything is "created", then there is a creator.

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